Friday, March 8, 2019

Book Nerds Unite: Daily Bible Reading & Resources

After a lifetime of struggling to do so, a couple of years ago I (FINALLY) read the bible all the way through using this awesome Daily Bible that Kim gave me.
I have tried & tried to read the bible all the way through so many times in my life and always became overwhelmed & just gave up.

This year I am reading through it again using that same bible as one of my goals for 2019. Each day in this Daily Bible you are assigned a small portion of reading from the Old Testament, a portion from the New Testament, a Psalm and a Proverbs. It usually takes me 15-20 minutes at the most to do my daily reading.
In the last couple of weeks of reading the Old Testament portion, I fully understand WHY I always gave up in the past (because Leviticus, and Numbers, so many names, so many numbers, so many RULES). If I were not also reading portions of Matthew and Mark along side all of that, I would FOR SURE think that I would never be perfect enough to shimmy through the pearly gates!
Last night while I was reading I remembered that I ALSO read Francine Rivers' Sons of Encouragement during this same time and it REALLY helped me feel a more personal connection to these Old Testament bible characters and their struggles as real people (Francine Rivers is truly an instrument of the Lord to draw his people closer to him, God bless her).

I just wanted to share these books with you guys in case anyone was interested. I am NO biblical scholar by any stretch of the imagination, but these were very helpful to me.
Sons of Encouragement link:
Daily Bible link:
Other books you might be interested in that I loved:
A Linage of Grace link:

Seamless Bible Study link:
Happy Reading, Friends!! Mwah, Mandy

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year, it's 2019!


One of the greatest things about a New Year is a fresh start, 
a way to brush off the old and refresh with the new! 

Kim & I are both ringing in the new year in a similar fashion with brand new PAINT projects! We were cracking up when Kim texted me with her paint cards & I texted her back showing her I had some too!
Ha, birds of a feather!😂

Both Kim & I got off the blogging path this fall trying to live the best darn southern life we could while starting our new businesses!  Whew, we have been so busy!! 

I think we've got our lives together now & we're both excited about sharing that with y'all soon!

We just wanted to pop in here and wish you all the most WONDERFUL 2019 full of love, good health and crazy, I mean crafty projects! 🙃😉
Happy 2019!!
The Crafty Southern Mamas,
Mandy & Kim 🥰

Friday, October 26, 2018

Pre-School Craft - Toilet Paper Roll Bats

Pre-School Craft - Toilet Paper Roll Bats

When the boys were in preschool, obviously a ton of cute little crafts made their way home to become decorations for the upcoming holidays...some this toilet paper roll bat!
So, since we are trying to keep spending to a minimum, I found little preschool toilet paper roll bat in our Halloween decorations storage bin, and the boys and I set out to make more!! 
So, here is our process and the end result 🎃

↑The Original Preschool Toilet Paper Roll Bat↑

Then original bat had googly eyes, I found some buttons :)

Cut out some fangs with construction paper and glued those on.

We have had fun making decorations (that didn't cost an arm and a leg - though speaking of which, I sure would love one of those big skeletons!!) - and I'm excited to hang them on my favorite shelves!!

Do you have any Halloween decorations you have put together on a budget?  Share a picture and tag us on Facebook or Instagram!!  We'd love to see what your tricks and treats are!!

Happy Halloween!! 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Dollar General Halloween Decorations

 Boo-Tastic Ghost Decorations From Dollar General
These $1 Dollar General decoration kits are quite cute decorations!
I live really close to DG and it's convenient to stop there for everything from toilet paper to home decor.

My youngest son is a Halloween decoration junkie, loves to hang skeletons and pumpkins all over the house!  A little prize for him recently was a few Dollar General Halloween decorations I grabbed one day for $1 each.  Super cute and easy to put together (and we could probably come up with our own DIY version too).  I love sticking these guys in the plants on the porch and we will also line them along the sidewalk

Ghosts in my new mums, looking down on my dead mums!  Scary!!

I like the skeletons on my dead ferns!!! Scary!!!

Stay tuned for more Halloween decorations on a budget!!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Fall Break to Hilton Head

Hello All!!
We are just back home from fall break week in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and I have a few things I'd like to share.  

This year we opted to not do our usual beach vacation in the summer, and wait to go on fall break.  This amazing house was magically available for the exact week we needed, and it was awesome....and a great deal, we worked through Beachside HHI and they were so fantastic!! 

It was my first time to Hilton Head Island.  I have been to the Beaufort and Charleston areas all my life, but never ventured down to see HHI.  It was such a beautiful place!  I love the Lowcountry of SC, and am proud to have now stayed on both sides of the Port Royal Sound.

I had lots of plans before vacation: "We'll ride our bikes all over the island and explore every part we can! We'll drive to Savannah one day, then to Beaufort to see my favorite gals at Lulu Burgess Beaufort" (I feel like Nan and Nell are my best friends, because I watch their Filmtastic Friday video every week!!).

But this is basically what my vacation consisted of and I'm not sorry for one single second:

That's right, we ventured out a handful of times for dinner and some shopping excursions 
(there are tons of great places to eat, shop and explore), 
but I can say that we spent the bulk of our time right there on the beach!  

It was so wonderful and I am so grateful for the time with my crew and an opportunity to enjoy the fine beaches of Hilton Head Island! 

Now we are getting into the swing of Fall,
 trying to prepare for the time avalanche that 
mercilessly propels us to January 1st. 

Skeletons, Pumpkins, Turkeys and Christmas Lights ahead.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Mandy's Weekend Fall Fashion Finds

HI, friends!!

It has been the hottest September in Tennessee!!
I have not bought a thing for fall, nothing!!
It's just too hot!
Everywhere I look there's plaid,
there's flannel,
there's the never ending cult worship of pumpkin spice....
I can't.
Just the thought of putting on a sweater sends a trickle of sweat rolling down my back!

Despite the fact that it was a record breaking 96 degrees here on Thursday, the forecast says fall weather is going to hit middle TN this week and I think it's finally safe to talk about fall clothing without the danger of having a heat stroke!

I think I have mentioned Trunk Club on the blog before.
It's similar to Stitch Fix, you pay a $25 stylist fee but that goes toward whatever you keep from the box. I've been using them for most of the year & I have been tickled to death with this service!!

Because this is likely my last trunk for the year (because Christmas shopping, blah), this month I decided to try something new with them and make some specific requests. They are a NORDSTROM company, so I picked out a few things on the website that I wanted to try and guess what, (!!!) my trunk keeper has them packed up for me and they are scheduled to ship out this week!

Here are the things I requested in my trunk, I'm pretty jazzed to get a chance to try them out like this with no obligation to buy! 
Free Shipping & Free Returns with Nordstrom, always!

By the way, NONE one of these links are affiliate, but I am including a link to get referral credit for Trunk Club (not ashamed) in case you might want to try it out...😉
If you're interested in trying out TRUNK CLUB, click right here!
I have LOVED IT & I think you will too!!

So, grab some coffee & your wallet...
Here's what I requested in my trunk this month:

Sanctuary V-Neck Printed Blouse

I love this beautiful print!
I love that it is short sleeved and I can wear it right now & then later with a jacket!

Last year I bought a gorgeous blue velvet Sanctuary blouse at a local boutique and I have been watching this brand for more blue pieces since then, because that thing is the most beautiful color of blue that I've ever seen!
I'm pretty excited about this top, I know it's going to be gorgeous in person!

HOWEVER, I noticed that the XL is the only size available at Nordstrom.
(I requested a medium)
You can also find Sanctuary at Dillard's, the Belk & Zappos, as well as locally at the Beauty Boutique.

Vince Camuto Fray Hem Denim Skirt

I LOVE to wear skirts, especially in the fall when it's still trying to be summer most days!
This skirt runs big, size down it says.

I also like this version from Sanctuary, it's longer & would look fab with boots...

Halogen Calf Hair Leopard Belt

I have a leopard print belt that I've been wearing for about 7 years!

I have worn that poor belt out!!
I don't mind spending the money on this one if it works for me, because I know I will wear it with everything that I own just like my other one!

I have been wanting to try this particular one & decided on the the 1" belt. They also have a more narrow belt (if you look on the right side of that listing it's up in the far corner under "people also viewed").

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan in Grey

This summer I bought my first ever Barefoot Dreams cardigan at a local boutique on their clearance rack (because the clearance rack is my haunt). I have been dreaming of cooler weather ever since that day, it is DIVINE!!!

If you're local, stop by and visit Ramona & Co in MJ. They are under new owners and have a TON of awesome new brands in stock (Barefoot Dreams, Fashionable, Scout, Kendra Scott, Spanx...)

Halogen Large Textured Teardrop Earrings...

I had a pair of these that I found at a local boutique a few years ago, I LOVED THEM!
They were my GO TO earrings!!
Sadly, one day I went to put them on and noticed that one of them was broken...children are the bane of my existence, I swear!

I've been hunting for a replacement pair for almost a year!!
I'm pretty excited about these!

Gibson V-Neck Striped Top

I love a black & white striped top!!
They are so cute with jeans or leggings or a denim jacket...
I've not tried this brand before, so I'm looking forward to checking it out.

I also had my eye on this one by Lou & Grey.
They have it at Nordstrom AND they have a V-Neck version for 40% at LOFT right now if you use the code NEWNOW (the reviews say size down).

Speaking of...
YESTERDAY, Olivia & I ran in the Loft store while we were out running errands and I snagged this short sleeve version off the clearance rack (my haunt) for $17 (I got the medium, but I might could have worn the ran big).
Use the code NEWNOW to get the additional 40% off on this top.

I also bought these fabulous, THICK leggings in black.
I needed new leggings BADLY!
The ones I have are Cabi & they have been the BEST pants, but I bought them when OWEN WAS IN THE 7TH GRADE...the elastic in the waist has started give a bit & they fall down, but otherwise those pants are still perfect after almost 8 years of wear!
The Cabi quality is worth every penny!!

These Ponte Leggings at LOFT are $49 but were 40% off, so I got them for $29.70.
I think they're going to be great!

I'm pretty excited about trying this brand.
Have you tried them?
I need some new jeans and this price is pretty good. I hope they work!

AND LASTLY in this month's Trunk Club Trunk....

JCrew Everyday Chambray Shirt

I don't know about you, but I need this shirt in my life (despite the fact that I already own two others very similar to it...I care not).
Ha! Give me ALL the denim tops!!!

So, that's my trunk!
What about you girls?
Have you found any fun fall pieces?
Mine are absolutely safe & boring...that's how I roll, sisters!

Share a link with your fall fashion finds over on our Facebook link,

I'm glad you stopped by to visit!
I've got to hop up here and get into the cleaning mode.
I think I accidentally gave Olivia permission for the junior class to build the homecoming float in our garage & that is the most epic disaster of a mess there ever was!

I've got to get busy, it's going to take me all week to get that mess cleaned out!
(But all southern mamas know it takes scheduling an event to get that kind of stuff done, ha!)
Wish me luck!

Have a great Sunday!!



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