Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Giddy Up Bedroom

Yesterday was a great day...celebrating our anniversary & hanging out with the kids!

Before I even had my coffee mug up to my lips, Miss O presented me with this & says "Happy Anniversary, Mom"...

yeah...that's my sweet girl! ;)

I got Sneaky E's dresser all filled up & looking all cute in his little cowboy bedroom...thought I would share a few pics of his room while it was all cleaned up! ;)

I went to Lowe's & picked up two more cap pulls for the drawer, since I realized that I had two that didn't match. I went upstairs to change them out & realized that I had BOUGHT THE WRONG COLOR...now, I have to take THOSE back & swap them out again...ARGH!!

Here's that little leather chair I mentioned...it's SO funny!!
The table was Big O's...it had been honey oak with white legs...the chairs died years ago. I used some leftover paint to give it a sprucing up. It looks great with this chair...almost like it's his "little office" back there in the nook!

Yes, the crib's still up...I'm in no race to get it down.
Sneaky E is his own man...he'll sleep in the big bed when he's ready.

Cowboy vinyl lettering. I can't remember where I found this, but I THINK I bought it on ebay from a seller there. I'm sure you can google the phrase & something will come up.

This is my FAVORITE piece in the whole room...
Big O dressed as a cowboy for Halloween when he was in kindergarten!
Melt my heart! ;)

I have been gathering bedding for this "new bed". I have no idea how old it is...my granny found it at a yard sale & stripped it from the hideous sea foam green paint that was all over it (which there is still a little on the back so that you can appreciate her hard work). She got this for ME when I was Sneaky E's age. Big O slept in it for a spell, but when we moved for our Air Force obligations I left it behind in storage because I didn't want anything to happen to it. It's a special piece of furniture, I love that E is going to use it too! :)

This is my inspiration...I'm not ready to drop the "cowboy" theme yet...just easing out.

But, now...you know I am INCREDIBLY cheap...and...Serena & Lily bedding is not!

so, I decided to go with this AWESOME quality denim comforter/sham that I found at Dillard's recently. I believe I paid $150 for the comforter, sham AND the euro pillow insert!

The blue star blanket is one we already had. The "e" pillow (which I LOVE) came from Serena & Lily bedding....BUT, I bought it from a different site....Layla Grayce. I found a coupon online (googled "layla grace coupon") and received 10% off & FREE shipping...so, it was not so bad.

Then I ordered the red star sheets...oh, I LOVE these...but I couldn't believe I actually spent $100 on a set of TWIN sheets! While I was waiting on them to come in, I found these striped ones on ebay...used, but still in excellent condition for $30...needless to say, I sent the star sheets back. ;)

I'm happy with it for now...plus, it's staying pretty since no one is sleeping in that bed yet! LOL

I'm heading out to play with the kids for awhile....Big O has to get in around 3 & rest up for his 5:30 practice...whew, he was huffing & puffing last night...all that lounging on the couch this summer really paid off, eh? Silly boy!

Oh & I just found out that one of my dear pals is expecting this spring...makes my heart so happy!!! :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh my gosh, how crazy is this. Just 20 minutes ago I was googling cowboy art because I just decided I wanted to make my son's room (we live in Colorado) more "cowboy." Of course he is 6 months old and doesn't really care, but his mama does! I love how you've done this room! :) Wherever did you find that cowboy painting? I am thinking I might attempt to make or buy something like it!

  2. Mandy, I just tried to post a comment, but I amnot sure what happened...sorry if you are getting this twice. I wanted to say thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog. How did you stumble upon mine? You have been on my favorite sellers list on Ebay for years..and when I cam across your blog, somehow, I automatically noticed you! (I sound like a stalker, don't I? haha) I live in Charleston, SC and saw your pics from vacation. YOu captured some great shots. Thanks again for the sweet comments...please stay in touch!

  3. What a fabulous bedroom! I love every single detail! I especially love the vinyl and the picture too! You did a great job!

  4. First of all... love the anniversary gift... awesome poster. Secondly, what a beautiful room. I love all the fun touches you put in there. I'm sure your little boy loves his room. Nice job with that. Can't wait to see what other fun projects you've done.

  5. Thank you, his room is one of my favorites in the whole house (because it's usually clean...since he's off ranshacking the rest of the house). :)

    Carrie, it's a treat to have you visit my blog! I LOVE yours, it keeps me inspired & motivated...something crafty going on all the time! The cowboy print is one that I painted for his room. It was easy & cheap, I know if I can do one that YOU could...it's nothing fancy. ;)

    Paige, I LOVE your blog! I went back five pages yesterday reading it (I think that makes ME the stalker, LOL). That is funny that you know me from ebay...those were good times! ;) I LOVE your designs...you're so creative! I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventures! Take care! :)

  6. LOVE it all (and cracked up at the Twlight... I swear, only girls understand)! Boy, I am proud to know you! :)


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