Monday, July 20, 2009

Lucky 13...

Wow, I can't believe it's been 13 years already...

if you count the 5 years we dated before we got married...good golly...

Daddy P & I have been blissfully happy for quite a while...

and absolutely loving it! ;)

Happy Anniversary, honey!

And we were BUSY here this was our first weekend home in THREE weeks! I finished the dresser, had paint left over to give Sneaky E's little table a new look, went to "the maxx" & found a stinkin' adorable "leather chair" to go with the new table AND a rockin' out western LAMP for the dresser...(woooot!!), also finished Miss O's duvet (ahem, "coverlet")...we cleaned out the garage, did laundry like there was no tomorrow...cleaned & scrubbed the entire house...

holy cow...SO BUSY!

The kids & I are taking advantage of this low humidity & heading to the Zoo...we haven't been all summer!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!


  1. Holy moly! Did you sleep last weekend? You were one motivated mama! I couldn't get that much done in an entire month!

    Happy Anniversary! I love the picture you posted!

  2. Mandy,

    LOVE your new blog!

    Ashley, with CWDkids

  3. Thanks, girls! :)

    I think the weekend caught up with me today...I could hardly get up!! But, it's amazing what you can get done when someone is watching your kids! ;)


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