Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things have a way of Working Out...

You know, sometimes it's really hard to be strong...things happen in life that break you down mentally & physically. I have spent the past two & a half years trying to build myself back up mentally after losing my precious granny to cancer. I am certain that post-traumatic stress syndrome is 100% real...100% scary...it's like being lost & you can't find your way home.

I will admit...I was scared to death when my cousin Emily came into my everyday life. She & her husband moved here a year ago so that he could go to school. She is a teacher, she loves kids...especially my kids. She's always been "every mother's DREAM babysitter"...the most responsible young adult I know...and suddenly here she was available & wanting to babysit my kids whenever I needed a sitter.

It scared me to death!

I believe that everything happens for a reason...(and this is going to sound crazy) but all I could think of was that she had come into my life like this because something was going to happen to me.

And something did.

From losing someone I loved...I got lost.

From gaining another little sister...I found my way back.

Being around this amazing person on a daily basis...I was reminded...of all the good things I loved about my life before I let stress & anxiety take over. Emily is a rare gem...she's simple, beautiful and loves with all her heart...you feel comfort just being around her.

Em is so special, I want to be just like her when I grow up! ;)

I love you, crazy girl!

Happy Tuesday!

(and that is NOT our beer in that first picture...Argh!...perfectly GOOD family picture tarnished...alcohol, you stink...bah!)


  1. I have told you many times you are very lucky to have Emily in you and your kids life. It's very hard to find someone that you love and trust with your kids. I so very wish we could find someone like her! She was great with my boys as well! I've looked and looked to find a good babysitter and I just have not found someone I trust my boys with, maybe some day I will! :)

  2. You lucky duck! I would kill to have an Emily in town! I am sooo picky and it's hard to find someone good! My husband has one cousin in town (who is like our Emily), however, she has a very busy social life so she usually isn't available when we need her!

    Sorry to hear about your post-traumatic stress syndrome. How scary. I am so glad you are feeling better though.

    Hope you have a great week!


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