Sunday, July 26, 2009

Very Cute Boys!

Every girl likes to spend time with cute boys...especially ones as cute as these guys!

We had some family visiting this favorite aunt, her three beautiful daughters & their baby boys...what fun we had!

I LOVED having these sweet boys together...they had a BLAST!

(and look at who else got the "dimple" gene in the family)

The little guys WORE THE POOL OUT yesterday...I know they slept hard last night!

(Sneaky E in his undies...looking like a Speedo...cracking us UP)

sweet, SWEET little AJ...seriously, he's got me wrapped right around his chunky little finger!!

Super Z was SUPER fun...he & Sneaky E are just a few months apart...oh, the fun they will have in the years to come!!

and the mommy & her little baby sister...two of the coolest gals I know! ;)

We ate & visited & just had a great time...I wish we lived closer, we don't see nearly as much of them as I would like. They are cousins, but we have grown up so close that I feel like we are all sisters...I feel very lucky to have them in my you gals!

I'm heading up to the playroom to let Jillian Michaels rip me's a GREAT workout video...I hate...I mean, I really HATE to exercise...but, after TWO sessions of just level one I could ALREADY feel a difference in my thighs & SEE a difference in my shoulders as far as toning up...seriously, that's enough to keep me FIRED up & motivated!

This video is available on Netflix if you do videos thru them...try it out & see if you like it that way...but don't be surprised if you find yourself OWNING a copy! I'm already looking forward to a new season of The Biggest Loser now!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. It looks like the boys had a blast! Cute swimming pictures!

  2. i have got to get that video!

    glad you had fun hangin with family.

  3. *sigh* I'm almost curious enough to buy that DVD although Jillian scares me a little. Isn't there a different DVD where Bob can just kindly and gently whip my butt into shape?


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