Saturday, August 8, 2009

Big. Boy. Bike.

Yeah, that's what he's talking about...

he's told everybody...

dad, nana, folks at football practice, the landscape guy, his hair dresser, the bagger at the grocery....

they've ALL heard Sneaky E's excited rambling...

telling about his NEW Big Boy Bike & HELMET (don't you dare forget to mention the helmet). ;)

As soon as the big kids got off to school on Thursday, Sneaky E & I were off to Target to get him a new bike! Now, if you read my old blog then you are probably thinking "didn't he just GET a new bike?!?"...he did get one for Christmas, CUTE as it could be! But, I got caught up in the cuteness & didn't realize that it didn't have BRAKES...holy cow!! He's ridden it great, but is really ready to "ride a real bike" now & brakes are a MUST! (and considering he ran OVER Katie Scarlett Wednesday night because he couldn't stop...yeah, brakes)

He did REALLY good, picked out the cheapest bike they had...but then turned around & picked out a helmet/pad set that cost almost as much as he bike did...oh, well. He was THRILLED & that's all that mattered. :) He was cracking me up in the store...he will NEVER ride in the buggy, but oh...he was UP in that buggy hugging that bike box! Hilarious!!

He took it very seriously...inspecting each part of this new bike before getting on it...then riding carefully in the front of the house where it was level...trying to figure out this new "brake" thing.

HOWEVER, he managed to have a MAJOR bike wreck last night while Grandma was over here for birthday dinner...

Not comfortable yet with the brakes, he decided to head down the hill toward the detached garage & lost control...he narrowly missed ramming into a brick wall & a huge pile of scrap THROWN OFF into the dirt/rocks (at this point I'm guessing, it was so horrifying I had to cover my eyes & scream)...

it is SHOCKING that he didn't EVEN cry & got up with just a 3" scrape on his little foot...I think it scared him so bad he forgot to cry (or maybe he was just mortified that everyone saw him crash & burn, I dunno)...

I'm just glad the little biscuit had his helmet on!


Well, I just got Big O & dad off for the 8 am football practice (I've done the last two Saturdays & it is SO his turn to take him). Miss O is upstairs cleaning her room (at 8 am, yes...) in hopes that I will consider taking her to her Girl Scout Beading Party this morning (I hate to be mean, but I just picked that room up myself on Thursday & last night you couldn't even see the carpet...unacceptable).

I'm hoping to sit down & share pics from our Landscaping Fairy visit...hopefully this afternoon...

Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday!!


  1. Cute pictures! I can't wait to see the landscaping pictures!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. his precious and love that he is SO excited about his

  3. boys and their bikes :) very cute.
    Football starts here tomorrow, i am dreading the LONG practices... but a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do


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