Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Another busy week pulled out from the station & I'm running along behind it trying to catch up!


Miss O has swim league Monday & Wednesday after school.

Big O has football Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday...

Miss O has her first Swim Meet on Friday night...

Big O has a game on Thursday night....

I seriously could (probably should) go back to bed!

Things are pretty busy here, that's for sure!
Thank goodness Sneaky E continues to be not so sneaky & lots more sweet...

And then I have this puppy situation here...

These pics will show you her idea of going out to pee.

So far we've thrown a pair of Miss O's good leather flip flops in the trash, a few pacifiers (which needed to be in the trash anyway) chewed up, my new Eco-Friendly Tote has a hole chewed in the corner, several pairs of small undies chewed to shreds (folks, get your drawers up off the floor please), the cord to my i-phone charger chewed in half...

that dog is lucky she's so cute...actually, I think that's why God makes puppies & babies so cute...

but, anyway. ;)

I started painting my island...didn't like it & wiped it all off.
Back to the drawing board on that one.

However, I did run up on THIS yesterday...totally made my day!!
Did you know that the New Moon movie comes out in three months & two days!?!?

Oh, I can't WAIT!!! :)

Ok, I'm getting up & getting stuff done...just wanted to pop in & wish everyone a

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love puppies, we are fix'en to have a litter ourselves! Jaz is due any time!!!!

    I am starting the bussiness tomorrow, the boys start school and football!!

  2. Oh no! It's a good thing she is sooo cute! I have a puppy post coming later this week!

    Enjoy your busy week!


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