Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Day of School...

Today was Big O & Miss O's first day of school...

where, oh where did the summer go!?!?

They were up bright & early enjoying their first day of school breakfast...

(these are pretty good, but a wee bit too sweet for me)
Today was just a half day...dismissal at, I didn't feel too bad about sending them off with sweet pancakes in their little bellies. ;)

Sneaky E was furious when he realized that he was indeed NOT going to school this morning (even though his little "pack pack" was crammed full with all his pj's from his little drawer, a box of instant oatmeal, extra shoes, AND an enormous package of paper plates...). He stalked up to the playroom to play with Big O's legos & refused to come outside for pictures...

I can't believe Big O is in 6th grade this breaks my little baby is turning into a cool middle school kid!

Miss O was scared to death...but after meeting her teacher yesterday & finding out that she was Big O's Sunday School teacher...AND her husband was my aunt/uncle's Sunday School teacher years ago...she was feeling all pepped up & ready this morning. That's my little miss sunshine!

They even took time out from goofing off & chasing dogs to pose for one really sweet first day of school shot. :)

It wasn't long after they left that Sneaky E realized

that he was home...


with me (again)...

and he had the tv and the DOG all to his little self! ;)

I'm taking him to Target in the morning to get him a new bike...long story...he's so, so excited!

I'm hoping to get my house whipped back into shape tomorrow during the first FULLLLLL day of school...whew, things around here have been on the back burner while I've been playing with the kids!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


  1. So cute!! Hope they had a great day!

  2. So glad everything went smoothly!! I know Jack is going to be the same EXACT way when Mallory starts school and he can't go with her. It doesn't help that his school doesn't start for a week after hers either. That's hilarious about the "pack pack" thing. I always find the strangest things in my kids back packs too! What were they thinking when they packed those things?? LOL!

  3. Don't they grow up too fast! Love those backpack contents!


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