Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mama's Meatloaf...

Lazy Mama's Meatloaf, that is...


This busy mama fixed hers in the crock pot!

It was quite a crazy day for us, so I decided to try my meatloaf in the crock turned out SUPER yummy & made my evening so much easier! Emily came over to keep E & Miss O while I took Big O to football...SHE was asking how I made it (now, THAT'S a compliment)!!

I used lean beef & McCormick's Meatloaf seasoning (this seasoning calls for a few items to mix...milk, eggs & bread crumbs).

I mixed it according to the package & then plopped it into my sprayed crock pot...used my fork to shape it a bit (as I just don't touch meat...*shudder*). Topped it with a bit of ketchup & then cooked it on LOW. I put this on around noon & by 4:30 it was ready to eat. You will probably want to drain it a bit before serving (or just take it out & put it into a serving dish). It was super yummy with mashed potatoes & green peas...

I have a NEW recipe to try from my blogging pal, Paige...oh, I can't wait!! Thanks for sharing, Paige! :)


Miss O has been enjoying Swim League again this season...but probably not as much as Sneaky E! I've taken him to every practice & he's been wearing out that indoor (and outdoor) pool while we wait! One hour of practice & I take home two exhausted kids...gotta love that! ;)

Here he is last week after we spent our day at the zoo, then ran in TJ Maxx...he picked out this Power Ranger swimming gear (as if he knows who they are...) & just had to test it out...

(and the life jacket helps mama relax just a little bit more while we're there...trying to watch two kids on opposite sides of the room).

and then Monday while he refused to let Miss O use her swim cap for practice...

This kid keeps us entertained, that's for sure! ;)

Speaking of, gotta go get my lil guy up to tackle the day...this house is MESSY, MESSY & I am planning to organize a few cabinets (my medicine cabinet namely) and get some laundry done.

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Wednesday!


  1. We have that same Power Ranger set! Jack used his at the beach today! Gotta love the Maxx!!


  2. And, we had meatloaf for dinner last night! LOL


  3. wanted to let you know I cooked your pork chops with soup/sour cream in the crockpot and it was a hit....I substituted cream of onion and a sliced onion which was extra good over rice.

  4. We love meatloaf too! I can't wait to try this recipe out!

    Your little guy is soooo cute! He is such a hoot!


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