Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile...

I have just been grinning from ear to ear!

I had FOUR different people tell me yesterday...via text, facebook, & email...that they were cooking the Crock Pot Chicken Alfredo for dinner last night! Too funny! I hope you guys loved it as much as we did...Emily needs her own cooking show, that girl can cook something wonderful!!

I'm making another one of her crock pot recipes this week & will share...it's just as easy as the other one & I have no doubt that it will be yummy!

One of my sweet neighbor pals stopped by yesterday to bring me a little something...

she said she was out shopping & saw this pretty tray....

she thought it looked like me, so she bought it...

then she filled it with yummy cookies & brought it over.

Seriously, I nearly cried! I don't know what I ever did to deserve such wonderful friends...I am so thankful.

Tracee, you made my day...thank you so much, pal!

Here are a few other things that bring a smile to my face... :)

The Doxie Plush from Melissa & Doug. Miss O got one for her birthday & it LOOKS just like Lil Smokey, I have to look twice every time I run up on it upstairs...makes me laugh every time! LOL

and speaking of Doxie goodness...how about this TDF cute tee from Chasing Fireflies! Good golly, SO precious...but, alas SO pricey...ack!!

Here's something else that makes me smile these days...Summer Sorbet Candle. Someone gave us some of these candles when Daddy P & I got married. Every time I smell this wonderful summery smell it reminds me of that first summer we were married, living in that itty bitty duplex....newlywed bliss...happy times. :)

I've been smiling about not smelling stinky in this humid TN weather...LOL...I owe it to the Juicy gals! Juicy Couture Shamperfect Shampoo (at Sephora, of course)...LOVE IT!

(ok, I probably DO stink...it's impossible not to in this heat...but, I am making an effort) ;)

and boy, this would put a smile on any one's face...(especially if it were free, LOL)

What a pretty car!! ;)

Well, Sneaky E & I are heading upstairs to clean...the playroom needs to be mopped & he's got a huge mess of Lego's out. I am such a terrible mommy, I totally blew off story time this morning at the library...BAH...I've got to put that in my phone as a reminder for next week (oh, I would be so lost without that phone!!!!).

Tonight's Big O's first scrimmage...it's football time in Tennessee!

Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. Wow! What a fabulous tray! It looks like me too -- can you send one my way?! HA HA!

    I am headed over now to print that recipe. We better try it. I am all about crockpot food now that I have to start helping with dinner again!

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Mandy, I have a fabulous recipe for Chicken Stroganoff...I'll send it to you! Are you on Facebook? Will you find me on there...it's under Paige Gibson Price. We can keep up that way too!...and by the way, I have a black/tan doxie too named Tucker. I will get a pic of him up on my blog!


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