Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Break Out the Burlap!

On the table!

This weekend (in addition to a dozen other things), I'm hosting a table at a local fundraiser.

I did this last year too, but I had been home ALONE with three children for a week & didn't have enough sense left to take a picture of my table after I got it put together...I did get pictures of my flowers later after I got them home.

This year I will NOT forget my camera! ;)

I was going to try & use the fab magenta table cloth that I used last year, but I lucked up & found this AWESOME 90" Burlap Tablecloth on eBay last week for $20! Bought it on Friday, it arrived yesterday! I figured that if it didn't come in time I could use it on my foyer table to display my Halloween goodies...I was so excited that it came so quick!

Ok, so NOW I have got figure out WHAT I am going to put on top of it!

Here's some inspiration that I've found online...

Simple greens & clay terra cotta...

I LOVE these Tiffany blue vases (bags) filled with sunflowers!!

a close up...

more sunflowers & LANTERNS...they must be the rave too...

I love these candles too...so simple & elegant!

But then, I would like to just use MUMS & Pumpkins since it is really starting to feel like fall here...

I LOVE these adorable painted pumpkins from Jodee's blog:

Oh....decisions, decisions!!

What do you guys think...have you used burlap to decorate on your tabletop?
I would LOVE to see pics if you didn't mind sharing!

Thank goodness E goes to school on Thursday...I'm going to be combing the isles at the craft store!


I'm so excited, I can't stand it!
My sweet little cousin, Mary (remember her son AJ) is in labor right now...baby Eli will be here any time now...E & I are pacing the floor here waiting for news!!

It's a Happy, happy day!


  1. I love your burlap bling! I have never decorated with it before, but I think it is perfect for fall. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. I am SO into the burlap! I love your inspiration photos! And Jodee's pumpkins are just FABULOUS!!

  3. Love your blog and all your ideas! Can't wait to see what you do with your table.


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