Friday, September 25, 2009

Get Inspired!

With this glooooomy weather we have had for the past two weeks, it's REALLY hard to be inspired! I am sitting here, already HAD my two cup limit...wishing for another cup of coffee or an Advil or something...can you say SINUS Headache. Boo!

I'm going try to get out of my funk & Get Inspired!
Maybe I can inspire you too...

A couple of months ago I started working toward a goal that I've had for most of my adult life...becoming ACTIVE & making EXERCISE part of my DAILY routine! It all started when a friend of mine was telling me about The Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred...I was challenged, there is something about Jillian Michaels that challenges me! I took the 30 Day Shred challenge & 60+ days later...I'm still ADDICTED!

Somewhere in those past two months, I started working on ANOTHER goal that I have wanted to accomplish for a LONG TIME...I began running a little bit AFTER finishing the video workout (on the treadmill). The 30 Day shred helped me get my body conditioned & pretty soon I was running a mile EASILY every day & working toward running TWO!

I was first inspired by reading about my friend Paige doing her first 5K last spring...

The SHRED gave me power...mind power, as well as body power...I feel SO much stronger mentally, it's so exciting! I decided that I COULD do it...& would run in my first 5K this, a couple of weeks ago I did!

I wasn't sure if I would be able to run the whole thing since I had only worked up to two miles at home...but running OUTSIDE is so much more fun than back in the bedroom on the wheel...I did my first 5K in 37 minutes! Of course, I didn't beat Big O...running it in 34 minutes...that boy has legs...WHOOOO!

And, did you know that you can log your miles on Facebook!?
I started documenting mine on August 26 & since then I have run 30.2 miles combined...Whooo-hooo!!

SO....that's one way that I've been inspired lately & it's just an awesome feeling! ;)

I've also been inspired by some crafty goodness lately! ;)


Look at these goodies...

Sharae worked some magic on these barstools...SO thrifty...she saved SO much money doing these ROCK, girl!!

This bench & burlap pillow would be RIGHT AT HOME on my front porch...

I've got my hawk eye out for a bench now!! Skip over to Gracious Southern Living & see how she transformed that sad, ugly bench into this FABULOUS, eye catching spot on her front porch!

And then there's Edward Cullen...

OH...wait, I said CRAFTY Goodness...not general, delicious, yummy goodness...

Ok, sorry about that! ;)

I meant, Carrie...THE Queen Bee herself!

She's the QUEEN of stain...
re-did her bathroom with bead board wallpaper...
AND decorated the CUTEST Cowboy Nursery that I've ever seen (Sneaky E gave it two thumbs up, btw)! Do check her out!

and, Just a Girl...
she's NOT "just a girl"...
seriously, she's like SUPER girl!
She gave this family piece a new won't recognize it from the "before" pictures on her blog!

Your hands are shaking now, aren't they!
You're DYING to grab a can of spray paint & tear into something!!

I know...
me too! ;)


I'll be drawing a name at lunch time...there's still time to enter the drawing for a CUSTOM Camera Strap! I'm jumping up to get my stuff done while my little Lego Maniac is busy in the living room!!

Happy FRIDAY!!!


  1. you go girl!!1 Wasn't the 5k so much fun???

    I went running with some girls last week and stepped in a hole, needless to say I haven't ran this week!

    Thanks for your kind words on my bar stools!

  2. I jsut realized you mentioned me in your blog. What a sweetheart you are!! I am glad I can be some encouragement to you...because, I promise you, if I can run a 5K, you can too!!! People get scared when they hear "5" in 5K, but don't realize it's only 3.1 miles. You didn't tell me about you running in the race! That's awesome!!! I'm roud of you! My first 5K time (from that pic you have posted) was 35:31. My goal is to do one in under 30 min. Don't you feel like a new woman after every run?? I know I do....I like the way it makes me feel mentally, more than physically! Keep me posted on your runs!! I like having running buddies!!!! GO GIRL!


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