Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spray Painted Foyer...

Well, sorta...

my foyer is one of those places in the house that I haven't "gotten to" yet...

it's very dark & pretty bare (it looks well lit in this first pic because of the morning sun coming thru, all the lights were on & I used my flash).

We don't use the front door all that much, so this is a very low traffic area in our house.

I moved our old kitchen table into the middle of the foyer last year (that's the only way I get new stuff...Daddy P comes home & the old one is GONE). LOL

I also have this little foyer table/mirror in there. It was one that my granny gave me a long time's been in several foyers of ours...AND has been the victim of assault recently (Sneaky E ran it over on his "cycle") & has been held together by gorilla glue (you can see it there in the was not pretty).

I figured that since it was on it's last leg anyway, I would give it a new look...

using my NEW favorite spray paint color...SO pretty!!

Then I decided to ruff it up with my handy sand paper pad... ;)

I asked Miss O what she thought about it when I got going
& she said "ew, it looks all OLD"...


I didn't paint the mirror, I decided that I need something new there...something like this:
(I LOVE this first one)

Or this one...

Or, this...

But, y'all know I'm not the kind of girl who spends $250 on a MIRROR!!
I'll keep looking, I know the perfect (cheap) mirror will come my way eventually... ;)

In the mean's how it looks...

I'm happy with brightens up the area a bit & now that gorilla glue doesn't jump out at me every time I walk by (I'm OCD, I notice stupid stuff like that...drives me nuts).

Anyhoooo...things are busy as usual around here...FOUR more weeks of the daily rat race of swim league & football practice, then a week at the beach for fall break, & after that I will recluse until baseball/softball season starts in the spring...LOL!!!

I have three new straps to put in my shop...hopefully, I'll get some computer time when E takes his nap today. I'll be back to share later.

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Love it! Why don't you come down to my part of Florida for your week vacation and be my personal designer/decorator... I'm stumped with what to do with my new spaces...that and I have ZERO budget right now! Sigh...


  2. That turned out fabulous! I thought it even looked great before you "roughed" it up! I wish I had your creative bone!

  3. Wow -- very cute!! Hmmm -- I have a table that might need a little spray paint! Jodee sent me over -- can't wait to read more.


  4. Great job on the table!! I have so many pieces that need a paint job!

  5. Very nice. The mirror even works since you've added some darker accents on the table. Great job!

  6. Looking good...the light color looks great in this room. Hope you have a WARM and FUN week!



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