Friday, October 16, 2009

What Do You Make?

I have started mentally Christmas shopping...
not buying just yet.

Have you started?

Let's see if you can you guess what Sneaky E wants for Christmas (and is NOT going to get)...oh, that little biscuit! ;)

Today on Kelly's Korner folks are sharing links to their blogs & shops...handmade goodness galore! Most of these are stay at home mommy shops, women trying to make a little bit of money while being home with their families.

Hop over to Kelly's site & check out all these GREAT sites being shared today!

& speaking of local pal, Heather just opened up an Etsy shop...check out her CUTE, cute Bebe items (boutique burp cloths) if you get a chance.

We are taking the kids to see the new movie...Where the Wild Things Are today! I'm so, so excited because I found a local theater that is showing the movie with CLOSED CAPTIONING...I read lips, so this is just the greatest thing EVER! I haven't enjoyed a movie at the theater in FOREVER...I bet we have only been to the movies 5-6 times in the past ten years!!

We are gearing up for a busy Saturday...TWO big birthday parties to attend...then Sunday will be about REST...after two full weeks off from school, the little darlings will be going to bed EARLY on Sunday night!

I'll be back to share some fun pictures that I took out in the yard this week. Did you get a chance to share some Halloween goodness? I look forward to reading about it! :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh yes -- I have definitely started Christmas shopping. I will post some of it next week! I love Etsy too!!

    Enjoy your b-day parties this weekend.


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