Saturday, November 14, 2009

Check Out THOSE Legs!

Yesterday I was sulking...

It is Christmas Village Weekend & couldn't go because I didn't have a sitter for Sneaky E...

So, I decided to ride in & look at the Christmas goodies at Big Lots (which is a FAB place to buy gift bags, ribbon, etc for CHEEEEAAAPPPPP).

I found myself back in the furniture dept and just LOOK at what I found!!!!!!

I have to admit...

I've got a thing for pretty legs! ;)

I've been fighting the URGE to SPURGE on these stools from Ballard...they're on sale right now, but I'm STILL way too tight to spend $159 on a stool!

These girls have some THICK legs...when I saw them I immediately thought of my kitchen island!!

It was SO time for our old stools to go...the legs on these guys were tearing my wood floor up! Daddy P claimed them immediately for his "Man Cave" (slate blue leopard print & all). I think I paid $60 each for these three years ago & have RECOVERED the cushioned top about five different times. They were fun, but their day had passed. ;)

It's hard to find PRETTY ((Cheap)) 26" counter height stools...these were $79 each...a wee bit more than I was hoping to spend, but I am IN LOVE!

Clearly, I should have stayed home & MOPPED my horribly nasty floor! LOL
I'm doing it this morning, don't worry!

On a side note...
last night I'm sitting in my beloved, brand new caramel leather recliner (aka...children STEP BACK away from the chair, please!!!)...

I won't let ANYONE sit in this baby except Daddy P...deliberately positioned her so that it is impossible to see the TV in it....

I'm fooling with the settings on my camera & totally didn't see the sneaky biscuit approach me with a PEN in his hand!


LET'S just say that if you put rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab & gently dab, it will remove INK from leather.

These kids!!!

I'm jumping up to feed the darlings & see if I can get a Christmas Card picture out of them...get ready for ROUND ONE, girls! ;)

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Heehee, All of my left overs end of in Charlie's man cave as well, including the barstools! There too funny. I LOVE them, you know I almost ordered them babies to. It looks great! :)

  2. Wow! Way to go! Your new bar stools are fabulous! They look great with your island!

    I was having a pity patty party last weekend because I couldn't find a sitter. It was a perfect 65 degrees here and I wanted to be out and about (shopping)! I can soooo relate!

    Good luck with your pictures! I can't wait to see Round 1!

  3. We struck out yesterday for our Christmas picture! I hope yours goes better! Thanks for the tip on the ink removal from leather! I'm still trying to get "mommy" off of my armrest in my car! Love those new stools!!


  4. Just stopping by to say GOOD LUCK with those zippers and I really hope they work out. :) I am glad my poor sewing skills could be an inspiration!


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