Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Awe...

I am just in awe of Kelly this week...she is such an amazing person!

Jump over and visit her blog to see what she's up to on her mission trip:

That picture in my last post was from last year on Christmas Eve...tees from Amy at Tote & Tee...I'm hoping to get pics for Christmas cards this weekend, please begin crossing your fingers for me today! ;)

This was our card last year from our Disneyland photo session with the AMAZING Shannon Stewart! I won't eve BOTHER trying to top it! ;)

I have been mentally Christmas shopping AND mentally holiday decorating....AND I'm just exhausted! LOL

However, I do have a gaggle of goodies that I found on Etsy...quickie gifts...I'll share them for you in the morning. It's my Mother's Day Out day & the list is LONG...I've got to get off the computer & get to crackin here before it's time to pick up the sneaky boy!

Oh & last night, I asked my sweet hubby to put the chili from dinner in the fridge...this morning I reached for the milk and there in the fridge was the ENITRE crock pot...cord & all...I laughed so hard! Surely he knows that the bowl lifts out!! Gotta love that guy! ;)

Happy Thursday!


  1. What a hoot! I bet you were cracking up when you found the entire crock pot and cord in the frig! That is hilarious!

    I love, love, love your Christmas card from last year. Good luck with your attempt this year! Photo shoots are never fun with my kids!

    Have a great day!

  2. Ha, Aaron's so funny, I think he knew...It was just quicker that way. MEN!! :)

    I Loved your Christmas card pictures last year. I can't wait to get mine this year from you guys!

  3. Love the Christmas card from last year---and I am cracking up about the crock pot!

  4. Too smart for his own good! Last year's card was awesome! We will be featuring Victor in his new sweater this year. I am already daydreaming about next year's holiday card - Victor and Baby Love.


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