Sunday, November 8, 2009

Living Room Spruce Up...

It's been a mad game of Musical Couches here at our house lately...

Daddy P is finally getting "his room"'s in the front of the house, originally intended as an office or a library...he's decided to turn it into a media room (as if we needed another television to sit in front of...ahem).

He was talking up RECLINERS, so I was quick to jump in with a strategy to save us some money! We ended up moving our "old" living room furniture back into the main living room & put our MONSTER Leather Sectional & PB Rug in the "media room". The walls are painted a dark chocolate, so when you walk in there the rug just JUMPS out at you...I love it!

The old living room furniture was just WAY too much, I sent the loveseat & monster double chair to my mother (& they look FANTASTIC in her living room) and we kept the big couch.

After a couple of trips to the Maxx for pillows & accent pieces...& a couple of trips to pick up cheap finds on Craigslist...we have a NEW living room situation on our hands!

The new arrangement REALLY opens up the room!

I told you about my $75 coffee table...
Easy as pie! The top I sanded & stained with Bamboo Mahogany, the legs are spray painted with Heirloom White, then slightly distressed.

I did spurge on a rug from Ballard Designs...

I ended up buying the leather recliner, the table, the lamp AND the little flower arrangement ALL from Homegoods...after doing some homework, I was pretty sure I was NOT going to find a leather chair that nice (and that CHEAP) anywhere else!

Now, I'm looking for a chair for the other side of the room (to go next to the little brown table with drawers)...I'm thinking canvas/twill fabric like the ones in Pottery Barn, but I am NOT paying that much for a chair! I'll find one cheaper, you just watch me!

AND remember the big ugly piece I found...also for $75...

here she is now...all fixed up! ;)

that beach picture is moving to the dining room (yes, it's all crooked)...
but, I couldn't be happier with this turned out EXACTLY like I wanted & now I have TONS of extra storage in my living room! I used Rustoleum Painters Touch Semi-Gloss Black on the body and the high gloss on the top.

SOOOOO...I've been busy, no?


I'm still looking for one more piece to go across the back of my couch...I've got to get something there to keep the kids from climbing over the back of it!

Whew! Anyway, just wanted to share...
I'm heading over to PBS Teacherline to start my course...

You guys have a great Sunday!


  1. Wow -- that turned out great! Love all your wonderful finds! You have the touch!


  2. LOVE the new setup! Do we get a tutorial ont hat black furniture piece????? I have never redone a piece of furniture, but would love to try! Did you sand that entire peice?!?!?! Do tell!


  3. Why didn't I find that blue table at Home Goods? Hmpf!

    BTW, I think the EKTORP chair from IKEA would be perfect...and it's cheap. :)

  4. Great Blog !! Give your home effortless style with Living Room Furniture from Spacify.


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