Friday, December 11, 2009

Camera Strap Winner!!

or should I say...


I was totally feeling the love reading your very sweet you guys are (totally good color ideas too...thank you)!!

Since it's the holidays...and I'm already pretty crazy (ok, I'm past the point of pretty's more like very crazy)

I have decided to send a FREE Mama Precious Mocha Strap to EVERYONE who left a comment for my give-away!

(yes, I'm crazy...

but, that's why you keep coming back...

right?!?) ;)


You guys email me by Saturday night at Midnight with your shipping information...straps will go out in the mail Monday morning. This FREE strap offer expires tomorrow at MIDNIGHT, so be quick.

Thanks so much for your comments & suggestions...I really appreciate them! :)

Be back shortly with a CRAFT tale...yeah, it's good clean fun!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Yay, thank you! You are so nice!

  2. Oh wow...I'm so excited!!! e-mailing you right now!!!

    Thank You...Thank You...Thank You!!!

  3. I am excited too!!!! I thank you very much!!!!! You are so generous!!!!

  4. SQUEALLLLLLL!!!! OMG! Thanks pal, I am so excited I think I will SQUEALLLL again:) teehee

  5. You have made my morning!! I am soooo excited. Can you just bring the strap to Sneaky's E teacher and I will pick it up when I drop off John Derrick?


Thank You for Your Lovely Comments. I enjoy every single one of them! <3


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