Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Friendly Reminder from The Elf...

HELLO, Vacation!!!

I have so EARNED you! ;)

Busy times here at our house...

finally finished that online course (made a 98.6%, A...thank you),

finished Christmas shopping (except the stockings, they trip me up every year...darn you, stockings!!),

had a great weekend visit from our Arkansas pals (VERY messy Gingerbread house pics to follow),

AND even started a HUGE painting project in Miss O's bathroom (PLEASE do not tell Daddy P, I need to finish it fast so he won't be mad about what I painted over...as a matter a fact, he won't even NOTICE it as long at it's already done with...so, shush!!)...I'll share pics of that & her room (as that bedding we wanted from PBTeen finally went to clearance, it will be here tomorrow) as soon as I finish. :)

Yesterday, my kids were just exhausted...from having slumber party time with company three nights in a row...utterly EXHAUSTED!  They tried (I think), but yesterday they were about as friendly to each other as that cute raccoon was to Buddy the Elf...

(seriously, if you have not seen that movie...it's NOT Christmas!)

This morning, I noticed that our Elf had left them a friendly little message...

he must have run in to the Price's Elf & got the idea... ;)

I hope that gets the message across...otherwise, today will be filled with the little darlings being forced to hold hands in public & writing loving letters to each other & reading them aloud...

Ugh, the things a mama has to do to feel the love around here....tisk! ;)

Got to get busy sewing...two aprons to finish for my mother in law's friends & a few little gifts for our Christmas Eve Bingo at Nana's Thursday night!

Be back to share an EASY, EASY Christmas Candy recipe later!

Hope y'all have a great Tuesday! :)


  1. cute idea....can i steal yours now?!?!?! haha Our elf is running out of creativity!! thank goodness he heads back to the north pole this week!

  2. Our Elf had to stay at the North Pole for an extra whole day & night last week because my kids were so bad! Apparently, he was telling Santa which toys to take off of his sleigh! LOL

    Congrats on the great grade in your class! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. Oh, and here are some cute ideas for the Elf... Just google elf on the shelf ideas and there are loads of them!! Love taking the car for a spin and parking at the neighbors! Turning the toilet water green!



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