Friday, December 11, 2009

A Good Clean Gift!

You might remember me talking about these super cute hand soap dispensers....I found a DIY over on Just A Girl...THEN, while I was all inspired I found the SOAP on sale at Publix for $0.79 each....

I finally rounded up some stickers on Etsy...they were $10 for a pack of 5 custom vinyl pick the letters.

I had ribbon & Goo Gone on, these little babies only ended up costing me just $2.79 EACH!

(AND the Thrifty Gift Giver Award Goes To.....)

Yeah... ;)


Now, I want you to look closely at what I found just this morning....

Is that not TDF!!!!

However...look at how much these are selling for...


you know I'm much too cheap for that!!

But, does that craft look familiar to you...perhaps?? ;)

I'll keep you posted on that one...(expect a full price breakdown too).

Got to get busy on my class...I'm ALLLLLLLLLMOST there...OMGosh...ONE more week....I CAN DO more week!!!!

Happy Friday!

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