Saturday, December 12, 2009

Love Me Some Damask!

I've been hunting for a Damask Print in black to use for my straps for a long time...Yeah, I'm kinda picky. ;)

I finally found the PERFECT print at my local quilt shop last week...

the fabric is QUILTED & just SO pretty!

You can find it in the shop along with lots of other goodies...this is my last week open before the holidays.  I'm closing shop for a couple of weeks to enjoy my family AND to get it STOCKED with some FABRIC...I'm finally going to part with the, if you're looking for some FUN (& hard to find) knit & RARE prints DO check back with me after the holidays!


Last night, Daddy P & I chaperoned at Big O's first middle school dance.  This was for 6-8th grade...he's in 6th this year. 

The poor boy....TOTALLY nervous wreck, changed his clothes THREE times (we made him go take off that ridiculous fleece vest & put on a coat...hello, it's 19 degrees)...he barked at me to go change MY clothes (apparently my flashy Christmas sweater with white feather boa trim was too much for him)...ha!

We tried hard to hide in the shadows & not embarrass him...

He was so stinkin' funny...he danced, he "hung out"...he had a great time (I think he forgot we were there)...and in the last 7 minutes of the evening, he finally got up the nerve to go ask that pretty little blonde to dance with him....


Well, I'm jumping to play nurse for Miss O who is down with strept throat...Oh, the DRAMA!!

I'm such a hypochondriac...I have to keep telling myself...."Your throat does not hurt, your throat does not hurt, your throat does NOT hurt"....ARGH!!!

Hope (everyone's throat does not hurt &) you all have a

Happy Saturday!


  1. Does Owen know you're posting all of this on your blog? You're sooo embarrassing!
    BTW, I also have a fondness for damask. Your new fabric matches my family room/dining room curtains. :)

  2. I was cleaning out the baby's room last night and had to change containers for some pictures - found all of Owen's baby pics! My heart aches to see how much he has grown!! He's growing up to be a fine fella!

  3. I know...he's just so precious & has grown up so much! I try not to embarrass him, but I am just so proud of everything he does. :)


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