Monday, December 14, 2009

Priceless Holiday Artwork...

I forgot to share this with you...


but, completely


Holiday Artwork that my kids made for me. :)

(ok, artwork that I MADE them make for me...but still...)

I got the frame from a local photographer pal...but you could easily whip one up similar yourself.

I couldn't love anything more!  :)
And...look what I made last night!!

SO easy...seriously!
Come back, I'll show you how to do it.
Must get back on project for my class...Bah!
Happy Monday!


  1. That arwork is too cute...I'll have to see if I can "make" my kiddos make me one too.

    I love the letter..I'll defenitely be looking to see how you did it!!!

  2. So adorable! I just sent this link to all of my friends that have 3 or more kiddos! Can you think of something cute for us that only have 2 kids?? :-)

  3. Love the tree..I have four kids so I am going to have them make this tonight! I am also loving the green "O"! I want one! Do you mind me asking what color your orange walls are? They are a great shade! Thanks

  4. Green "P"! not O!!


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