Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's on My Nightstand...

Here's what happens when you get lost in Barnes & Noble with your best girl friends.

You come home with...

Pure Reading Bliss!

Disneyland 2010...I'm there, baby...Spring Break!
And this time, I'm taking a copy of THIS!

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics...Big O & his funky allergies, I'll fix him yet!

The Memory of Water, The Lost Hours, Pieces of the know I'm a Karen White fan now!!

Wuthering Heights...I've wanted to re-read this book for years!

Organized Home...ah, yet I aspire...


and on my sewing counter...

One Yard Wonders....

Miss O & I are about to tear into that one...
she's been bit by the craft bug!!! 

Remember my fun find (you probably don't...I've been hoarding that thing for over a year)...

Oh, let the FUN begin! ;) 

Sneaky E found it when I was trying clean out the closet under the's set out & running now...Miss O rushed through breakfast this morning & cranked it up...she's hilarous!


Did you sign up to win the burlap table runner??

There's still time...drawing closes on Thursday at 5pm.

Hope it's sunny where you are...rain today here, Bah!

Happy Wednesday!

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