Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daddy's Little Princess...

I LOVE that our Girl Scout troop hosts this wonderful event...

the annual Father Daughter Dance!

Miss O & Daddy P went last year...had a FANTASTIC much fun!

This year they got ready a little bit earlier & went out to dinner together (precious) before going to the dance, so I was able to get some outside shots before it got completely dark. 

Here they are hamming it up, practicing their dip...

Miss O looking a little bit too grown up for me all the sudden...2nd grade is flying by, so is "little girlhood".  I'm doing everything I can to keep her little, I'm not ready for her to grow up yet!

Daddy P's not about wrapped up around somebody's finger, this guy's got it bad! (and I love it!!)

and my favorite picture of the very sweet! :)

Yesterday was a spring teaser...65 degrees, SUNNY...I kept pinching myself to make sure it was real!  The temperature has not gotten up over 40 degrees this entire month...I'm pretty sure the ENTIRE TOWN was outside soaking up some fabulous sunshine!!

Yeah...FABULOUS, Sunny spring know that that means at our house...

hand me the nerve pills!!

I'm hopping up to fix breakfast, the kids have friends over spending the night & it sounds like a Jackie Chan movie is being filmed upstairs!!

I bet I'm not the only person buying baby shower gifts for this spring...I'll be back tomorrow to share some SO PRECIOUS little finds...

Hope everyone has a BEAUTIFUL Sunday!


  1. I love Olivia's dress!! She looks precious!

  2. What beautiful pictures of father and daughter! I'm sure they had a great time! I wish my daughter's Girl Scout troop hosted an event like that.

  3. What a fun night for both of them! They both look great!! Mallory's little Daisy Troop had a dance, but it was the night of Jack's birthday party! They will go next year for sure! We had great weather this weekend too! 72* both days!


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