Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Cool Family...


That's how Shannon made us look at our Disney photo shoot last month!

Check us out, she made us look so very cool!

I do love that gal! ;)

Thanks so much, Shannon!  
You're the best!


& the pictures from Wordless Wednesday were from the airplane on our way out to California (on our flight from Chicago to OC).  The mountains were incredible!


I just got back from HOBBY LOBBY!!
Gosh, I heart Hobby Lobby!! ;)

Look what I hope to work on this weekend:

Poor Miss O has grown so much this year...
she has NO summer clothes!!

and Mama's gonna fix that! ;)


Well, I'm off to pick up the little darlings from school & get ready for a breezy evening at the ballpark.
Hope your Thursday has been fabulous!


  1. Holy cow! Your family pictures turned out fabulous!

    I love Hobby Lobby too! I did some damage there earlier this week!

  2. Saw your pics yesterday and they are AWESOME! You do look COOL!!!!

    Laughing too because I have several of those prints in my stash. That lime/turquoise print is my absolute FAVORITE. I think I wigged out the fabric lady at our HL because I was stalking the store while it was on re-order ;)


  3. Loving the damask fabric!! I need to head over and see if ours has that one! Happy sewing.


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