Saturday, April 17, 2010

I want this bench...


But, I want it in black...

I'm working on my monster front's been three years, I think I might try & dress it up a little bit...make it seem a bit more homey.

I love how this bench turned out over on Gracious Southern's an older post, but I LOVE how the make-over turned out! Her simple burlap pillow is AWESOME!  :)

I have a problem with my front door...I'll post pics later & let you see.  The sun has beat the stain right off of it & I'm just not sure what direction to go in with it.

I ALSO have a recipe to share (thank you, Emily) AND a baby banner tutorial (yep, finally got another one made)...

but, first I've got to get dinner going & get things ready for ball this evening.

I'll be back to share...

hope you're having a BEAUTIFUL Saturday afternoon!


  1. Great find! I NEEEEEEED that bench too! I'm painting out front door black this summer and we've been looking for a bench by our driveway, this will be perfect. And it will be lovely on your porch.

  2. Go check your TJ Maxx!! I saw one just like that last week and it was only $99!!! It was white, but you could change that easily!! If I had a front porch, I would own that thing right now!!


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