Thursday, April 8, 2010

Organizing Cabinets!

What a great week it's been!

The weather has been GLORIOUS!

Sneaky E & I got out & moved some of my peonies & planted some new peonies that my mother brought me...go them watered...they're looking FAB...

& now I see on the local weather channel that we are going to get some FROST tonight & tomorrow night!


I've got my sheets ready....don't worry, guys...I'll keep you warm!!!



I've also been taking Easter, Birthday & Baby Shower decorations down & packing them away (eternal) and decided that I also needed to clean out some of my cabinets in the kitchen!  


 Just awful!!

I couldn't even FIND a container with a lid that fit over the weekend...this mess has been driving me nuts for way too long!

So, I pulled EVERYTHING out!

I found this 3 drawer caddy in my attic & decided to put that puppy to work!

But, those ripped off labels were bothering me...

so, I had to make new ones.

(and look at the CRUMBS on the floor after clean out...yucky!!)

I used my Creative Keepsakes Scrapbooking Designer to print this sheet of colored paper...

then taped the tags down with packing tape.

Twenty minutes (& a little "help" from a Sneaky Boy) (and a bag of stuff to throw out, good golly)...

I've got an organized cabinet! ;)
Can't wait to see Big O's face when he unloads the dishwasher this afternoon...(he's the reason I had that horrible plastic mess to begin with)...his slap happy, sloppy unloading days are OVER! LOL

And speaking of Big O...

I can't believe I've let him talk me into it, but we are going to let him go away for two weeks to a summer camp in the mountains!  Do you guys do overnight camps in the summer?  I'm excited for him, but I am going to miss him something terrible!!

And check out this fabulous tutorial at delia creates...I TOTALLY want to sit down & make myself one of these!! 

I love her blog!  She is so creative!

and speaking of tutorials...I used this one from Nicole Owen's blog a couple of years ago & did softie dolls for my nieces & nephew & Miss O...

Look what Angel did to them...


HOW fun!

Do check her blog, she's planning to list some to sell, if you're looking for a super fun gift!

I love those dollies!

I'm trying to get some things listed on eBay...these kids just keep GROWING!!  It's almost time to pick up Sneaky E, so I better get busy!

Hope y'all have a 
Happy Thursday!

(and dear Lord, please don't let my peonies freeze!)

(pretty please!!)


  1. Oh I hope you don't lose your peonies! Possibly the most beautiful flower, ever.

    Oh to have kitchen cabinets large enough for a storage bin like that inside. I'm so jealous girlfriend. :)

    Wow! Thanks for featuring the dollies I made. What a fun surprise! Amy and I were just brainstorming all the fun changes and add-ons we are going to whip up next month and I can't wait to get started. Just realized I was only able to stay away from my biz for one year. LOL

  2. Love those flowers. Not sure we have them in Florida...or I'm just not looking hard enough!! I did a bunch of reorganizing when I was putting everything in my new cabinets and *thankfully* everything has stayed put (except when DH unloads the dishwasher)!

    We are thinking about doing a sleep away camp this summer as a family (as Mallory can't go alone until she is 7) at the YMCA camp in Greenville, SC. It looks like a BLAST for everyone!! Where are you sending Big O?

    The dollies are adorable! Love Angel's creative mind too :-)

  3. Angle, that's the only cabinet with that much's under my bar/eating counter...wasted space!

    So far it working out.

    Kacey, we decided on Ridgecrest Christian Camp in NC. Olivia's group was full, so she's on the waiting list (I'm glad, I don't want her gone for two weeks). They have a wonderful website:

    I'm excited for him! :)

  4. Angel...

    sorry, never post before coffee or when a whiny boy is up before the roosters!

  5. I totally laughed out loud Mandy when I saw all the plastic containers! I thought you were at my house. You totally made me feel better for a second! I have a shelf in my cabinet, but not a full shelf. So,the bin would not work for me. However, you have motivated me to clean mine out. Thanks ;)

  6. Thank you for the link love! :)


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