Sunday, April 11, 2010

Soccer Boy!

To say that I was SURPRISED just wouldn't do it justice...

Yesterday was Sneaky E's very first soccer game!

His very first time to play ANY organized sport on a team (I mean, he did just turn four years old barely a week ago).

Daddy P & I frequently discuss his fixation with sports's almost not natural the way he stresses over balls, bats, nets, cones...organizing them in bags, lockers, baskets...lining them up in the driveway, sorted by color & size.  

For as much as he TALKS about sports & seems to be possessed by equipment...we have NEVER been able to get him to physically INTERACT with any of it at home!

So to say that I was SURPRISED by how he played yesterday morning...

eh...SHOCKED would be the more appropriate word! 

I'm glad I invested in a nice, new comfy chair for the ballpark last year...

because it looks like we have another serious athlete in our family!

GO, Sneaky E!!


  1. He looks so CUTE!! I love that dimple of his, What a fun Saturday. Give him hugs from us!

  2. Makes me wish I would have signed Jack up for Spring soccer now... He is having so much fun!!! Go Sneaky E!!

  3. Wow! Way to go, Sneaky E! Great pictures of your new little athlete!


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