Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dunking Daddy!

Another week just blinked by...

alas, I am just now ten school days closer to freedom! ;)

All I seem to do lately is drive up & down the someone here, run someone there, pick up someone here, pick up someone there...

No more taxi service at my house...we're going to HERMIT in June!!!

This past week we had a stew of things going on...Sneaky E's school program (editing pics still), baseball, softball, FIELD DAY, soccer, more softball...WHEW!


Yesterday the girls softball program held their annual Saturday, fun, and the DUNKING BOOTH!

Yes, one of the perks of being a girls softball coach this year...

Daddy P found himself signed up to get in the dunking booth!

The line was long, let me just tell you that! ;)

But, he was a good sport (it was also 90 degrees & probably felt great compared to the folks sizzling out there waiting in line).  He was funny...never a dull moment with that man. ;)

Well, I finally got something together to share...(I can hardly keep my dishwasher unloaded lately)...

Have you seen these drapes??

 My pal, Sharae recently shared a SUPER THRIFTY idea...

(is her bedroom not the most beautiful place, I just want to curl up in that big bed & take a nappy)...  

Let me finish up my job in the laundry room, get some pictures & I'll be back to share what $10 can get you. ;)

Happy Sunday!!

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  1. Mandy, you love them!!! The best 10 dollars I ever spent!

    I wish I was there to dunk Daddy P!!

    I can't wait till school is over either,sick of having to be somewhere all the time! Wear me out!


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