Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Big Baseball Parade!!

Yesterday was just so fun!

Miss O & Mal were covered in paint when I picked them up from camp...they were both covered in ice cream too by the time I took them home! ;)

We had lunch at our favorite local pizza place & then walked down to the little parade for those AWESOME Cumberland Baseball players!  

We were cutting it short...I barely had time to turn my camera ON...thank goodness it was already on AUTO setting!!

These guys were fired UP....two big red truckloads of ball players...Sneaky E was beside himself! 
Since we arrived just at the START of the parade, those boys were armed with souvenir tee shirts to throw...

and we made off with one apiece!!

Yeah, it was pretty exciting!

Got to get everyone ready to head out...another day of The Master's Series for Miss O...and Big O & I are heading to Kickboxing class at the gym (I don't know who looks more funny in that class...me or him, ha!)...

oh & local peeps...don't forget about the Stella & Dot trunk show at my house tomorrow night at 7pm..hope you can come!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Parades are so much fun!! Remember when we left the boys playing and acted like we forgot about the football parade! HAHA. Oh, and you looked beautiful in your black and white dress! Aaron did too! : )

  2. I love your flare, what a cute blog!


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