Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heavenly Hashbrown Casserole

A couple of years ago I started making this divine macaroni & cheese dish for our Thanksgiving dinner.  It is the famous Ronda Rich and Aunt Ozelle's Glorious Macaroni and Cheese recipe...

it is flat out DIVINE, absolute heaven on a fork! 

it's a pretty heavy, I only make it at family has ALL year long to have their mouth watering for it's heavenly goodness! ;)

I read about it in one of my favorite newspaper columns, The Dixie Divas by Ronda Rich.  

Ms. Ronda has written several books that I have enjoyed, but most of all I LOVE my weekly taste of southern sass every Saturday in the newspaper (which did not find its way into my mailbox this weekend, I was NOT happy)...


one day this summer Daddy P got to talking about his favorite thing in the whole wide world...


he was having a craving for that Mac & Cheese dish...tisk...

No, sirree...

I am not making that, I told's for Thanksgiving ONLY

He pouted & sulked over, I figured out a way to get that heavenly taste WITHOUT the heavy noodle part....

Ah, yes...Simply Potatoes...

and the heavenly hashbrown dish was born! ;)

I believe I have only made this dish ten times this summer...every time we have a get together it's been requested...I will be honest, I'm a terrible, you better bet I'm excited that someone actually LIKED something I fixed!! Ha!

You will need:

1 bag shredded potatoes (two if you are feeding a big crowd)

1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup

1/2 container of diced pimentos (and 3 tablespoons diced onion, optional)

1/2 cup of DUKE'S Mayonnaise (NO SUBSTITUTIONS)

1 tablespoon of butter


1 small bag of shredded cheese (my peeps like colby jack, but cheddar is also yummy)

in a sauce pan, melt your butter & saute the pimentos and onions (my daddy doesn't like onions, so I leave them out if he's coming out to eat). Cook these for about 3-4 minutes.

In a large bowl combine hashbrowns, mayo, soup, & half the bag of cheese.  Add your sauteed pimentos/onions & mix well,

Spray a 9x13 dish and spread this mixture in the bottom.  Top with the rest of your cheese. Bake uncovered for 40 minutes at 350 degrees (or until the cheese is nice & bubbly on top).

Did I mention NO SUBSTITUTIONS about the mayo? 

DUKE'S, people...the one, the only! ;)

Well...Daddy P has me making a dish of it for our "fancy Sunday night in the dining room on the fine china family dinner" right now...I've got to hop up & go check on it. 

Just wanted to share it with you, it's SO very good!!

Happy Sunday!


  1. That sounds soooo good! I have never seen Duke's mayo here! I hope Kraft will work!

  2. Haven't ever seen Duke's mayo in our stores. Do you keep the shredded potatoes frozen or thawed?

  3. I supposed you could get by with other mayo...but it just doesn't taste as good as Duke's.

    I've only seen Duke's at Publix here. I'm sure your local grocery would order it if you asked. I told the peeps at Publix that I would NOT be shopping there anymore unless they stock my favorite coffee creamer (coconut cream, heaven in a mug).

    I keep my potatoes thawed in the fridge.


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