Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Entertainment...OLD Movies

I have been wanting to blog about this for awhile, but my brain & computer have just not been in the same place at the same time.

I am a HUGE fan of old movies!

I began watching them back when my granny was alive, she loved to watch movies & LOVED to discuss the "classics"...we would sit around & watch Turner Classic Movie channel all the time.  I LOVED finding a great old movie to watch on my own & then telling her about it...often, it was one she hadn't thought of in years & would tell me all about the first time she saw it & what life was like around that time period...

& I really miss those conversations. :(

However, my AUNT is also a big fan of old movies...so, these days I'm texting her with my latest find & she's recommending great flicks that she loves.

I thought I would share a few (narrowed WAY DOWN, I might add) of my ABSOLUTE favorite old movies with you guys...and MAYBE you'll share a few with me. ;)

First & always first... 

Gone With the Wind...I love the book more, but the movie is just excellent as well.  If you like historical fiction & stories about the old south, this movie is wonderful!

Jazebel, another old south movie...Betty Davis...she's awesome in this (she's awesome anyway).

The Heiress...Olivia De Havilland & Montgomery Clift...excellent!

Wuthering Heights...I've tried to read this book a million times, it's really hard to follow...the movie is wonderful & Laurence Olivier is BEAUTIFUL!

Imitation of Life...a very sad story, very good movie!

It Happened One Night...Clark Gable & Claudette Colbert...one of my favorites ever!

The Long, Long Trailer...Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz...You. Will. Laugh. (a lot)...LOVE this hilarious movie!

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane...Betty Davis & Joan Crawford...this dark movie is awesome, the tension & drama is REAL...these ladies HATED each other in real life!

Splendor in the Grass...Natalie Wood & Warren Beatty...Wow...that's all I'm going to say here...Wow!

A Place in the Sun...Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift...even YOUR MAN will enjoy this dark, romance movie...the costumes are fabulous...I will watch this movie ANY time I find it on tv & I patiently wait for the day it's available on BluRay!

Giant...Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean...VERY good, very, very good!

and finally...(but definitely NOT last on my list)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof...Paul Newman & Elizabeth Taylor (& yes, I love Liz).

If you had ever wondered WHAT THE FUSS was over Paul Newman...WATCH this movie & you will find out (he is smokin' hot, ha)! ;)

How about you guys?
Any favorites you want to share?
Leave me a comment, I need some new classics to add to my watch list for winter. ;)

Sneaky E & I are off to have lunch with Daddy P...

Hope y'all have a great Tuesday!


  1. Girrrllll!!! We share this love of old movies! =)You listed some awesome ones, but here are a few more off the top of my head:

    -Blue Skies (Bing Crosby) turned me on to old movies when I saw it on AMC. I was in jr high, I think!
    -Casablanca. so good!!! (It's my personal opinion that Ingrid Bergman is highly underrated. She's so good, and so lovely!)
    -Gaslight awesome, awesome, awesome!
    -For Whom the Bell Tolls, High Noon, anything by Gregory Peck. Love me some Gregory Peck!
    -The Philadelphia Story (Kathryn Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant)
    -Roman Holiday (Audrey Hepburn)
    -Guys and Dolls (love me some early Marlon Brando, too!)
    -Arsenic & Old Lace
    -The Quiet Man (John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara)
    -Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart)
    -Operation Petticoat (Cary Grant)
    -Anchors Aweigh (Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra)
    -Robin & His Seven Hoods (Frank & the Rat Pack)
    -The Shop Around the Corner (Jimmy Stewart)

    Of course, I have most all of these, if you want to borrow them for a little movie goodness.

    Hugs, sweet friend!

  2. I should have put Rear Window. Great movie! Alfred Hitchcock is just so great (the photography in this film just KILLS me. LOVE IT!) and Jimmy Stewart is brilliant. Thelma Ritter is a great support, I think, too. And Grace Kelly... well, she's just perfection personified. ;-)


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