Monday, October 18, 2010

Goodbye, Soda Pop Pink...

and so it begins...

another project!

I'm taking a break from it...

literally, a sitting on my behind break!
(because my back is about to break)

Yesterday we said goodbye to Soda Pop Pink walls 
(actual paint color name)...

Miss O & I  spent the last day of fall break painting her bedroom...

We were supposed to do this on Saturday, but we ended up having a falling out in the hardware store over the paint color...she wanted this color:


I "Not..."

she threw a diva fit...we went home with no paint.

After (her) time out, we spent the afternoon pouring over magazines & looking online...

I finally convinced her to go with something more like this:

Of course, I might have said something like IF YOU GO WITH THIS COLOR, we might could then get something like THIS...

of course this leads to further negotiations which included requests for THIS (furlicious beanbag...LOL):

and THIS (wall mural):

Everybody wins here..(eventually, that is)

I got the paint color I wanted AND items to put on her Christmas list...good deal, no?!  ;)

Well, this morning my peeps went back to school after a two week vacation (YEAH!!) and I finished up the trim work & repainted the doors (Which has lead me to see how BADLY the rest of my trim & doors need a touch up...BOO!).

My back hurts.


Getting old just stinks it up!

But anyway, 

I was almost too late snapping a BEFORE contents already in the middle and two walls already painted...(sadly, this doesn't look much different than it's normal state)

Soda Pop Pink & Jasper Tint Blue are now just a (happy) memory...

and unfortunately my little resting break has come to an end...

I'm heading back up there to finish it off, be back tomorrow with the AFTER pictures. :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oooooohhhh, I love the peace bedspread in that photo. Faith would LOVE that. I have some handy dandy projects up my sleeve too this week....can't wait to see what O's room ends up looking like!!!


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