Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things I found on Craigslist...

I'm looking on Craigslist this weekend for something specific...

do I find that?

Of course not, 

I found dozens of GREAT DEALS on stuff I really don't need!!

Like this BEAUTIFUL Desk/Dresser pair being sold together for $250!!

and this AWESOME dining room table for $50 (my FAVORITE kind, already in bad condition that way I don't hate myself if I screw it up trying to do a DIY fix up)

and this antique bedroom furniture pair...KILL ME NOW!  It's so beautiful!

and THIS bad boy...oh, my!!
Oh...painted & glazed to bring out the details...I could tear into this one for sure!

and THIS chair...
I've been watch's been listed for a few weeks now & the seller hasn't gone down on the price.

It's so ugly, it's beautiful!
Completely bewitching...

I adore it!!

How about you, found any treasures on Craigslist lately?
I would love to see, email me a link.


  1. Oh my goodness! You are such a hoot! Great finds! I have been stalking Craig's List for another puppy!

    P.S. Did you buy all of these items or just browsing?! Do share!

  2. Oh, heavens no!
    I just thought they were really great pieces for the price (except that divine chair).

    I bought this:

    we're picking them up today!
    They're going to rock out in my new sewing studio!!


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