Monday, December 20, 2010

Grounded From the TV

(& I'm loving it)

I love having our master suite downstairs...the ENTIRE upstairs is KID ZONE...their rooms & the playroom are all upstairs.  This is great, but it's a big space & is sometimes (ok, constantly) a challenge to keep it neat.  
My kids have gotten REALLY lazy about keeping their upstairs "Kiddie Haven" cleaned up...


as a matter a fact, it looks a lot like THIS:

I've cleaned the playroom THREE times since Thanksgiving...bringing down an entire kitchen GARBAGE BAG (I'm embarrassed & horrified to say) of TRASH each time I did...& I am NOT cleaning it up again!

In addition to being on the slack cleaning...
their behavior lately reminds me of THIS...

So, instead of doing THIS...

I had to get UGLY & say those two words that they absolutely HATE to hear...


(from the beloved TELEVISION until this mess gets picked up!!)

  Because a lot of the time I just see them doing THIS:

(& I get so sick of seeing that...ugh!)

Going on SIX days now...

& yesterday they finally started to crack.  

They picked up a bit (a TINY bit)...
but it's still OFF until I think it's clean enough....
which may NEVER happen...

and that is perfectly fine 
because in the last six days I have been a LOT of THIS:


AND also THIS:

& a teeny bit of THIS:

which resulted in apologies & some of THIS:

but that's ok :)

Because, they're not missing the TV...we have watched a couple of Christmas movies as a family over the past six days...they're not asking to watch it or sneaking trying to watch it...

and life around our house is A LOT more peaceful...

and I am so TOTALLY loving that!

Wishing all of you a peaceful kind of household too...

Happy Monday!


  1. Six days and counting?! You go girl! I watch very little TV and, honestly, it drives me nuts! We have either ESPN or Sponge Bob blaring at any given time and it could drive me to drink! Enjoy your peace as long as it lasts!

  2. way to stick to your guns!!! BRAVO! i am thinking the kiddies may keep things a bit cleaner :)



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