Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Bliss

It sure has been a great Christmas at our house!


Everyone got what they were wishing for (well, almost everyone...I'll keep wishing for that big, white, shiny toy)  ;)

Yesterday we got out & made a little trip to Target so I could get some bins & totes (getting ready for A Bowl Full of Lemons challenge).  The kids got a bit of cash in their stockings at Nana's, so of course that was burning a hole in their pockets!

Sneaky E came home with the ONE THING he really wanted this year (which was on clearance, $25 cheaper)...the remote controlled Toy Story 3's pretty cool & he has worn the poor cat out with that thing!

Miss O, decided she would save her money up until she could afford an ipod touch...(made me so proud, I wanted to just buy her one on the spot...but she will enjoy it so much more if she earns it herself).

Big O was not happy when I wouldn't let him use his money to buy another play station game...he got two for Christmas already...I HATE those games, such a waste of time parked in front of the tv (don't get me started)....then he started in wanting to go to Pet Smart to buy a miniature shark (middle school is going to kill me, I'm sure of it)...

But for the most part, the kids have played & played & played...

mama has cleaned & cleaned & cleaned...(& tried to move my sewing stuff upstairs in the middle of all of it...AH!!)...

the mess has nearly driven me over the edge...

so we are getting out today for an adventure!
Be back to share some BEFORE pics of the new sewing room...this is going to be "Design on a Dime" at its finest...LOL!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh, didn't think of getting my bins before the organizing challenge! You're so smart to think ahead! ;-) Can't wait to see the sewing room...I am trying to get up the nerve to work on mine!

  2. Our oldest asked for an ipod touch for Christmas. We informed her Santa would not be bringing her a touch since she had a perfectly good Nano in her room, nicer than mine! So, she asked if she saved her money could she buy one and after Christmas she had enough. With all of that said I HIGHLY recommend going through Apple online store and looking at the refurbs. Three of our five ipods are refurbs and there is no difference between the new and the refurbs. She ended up getting an 8GB touch for only $149, $163 after tax since shipping is free! They don't have them all the time but check back, their inventory changes daily. We ordered on Saturday or Sunday and it came today! Email me if you need more info!


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