Saturday, January 1, 2011

#1 Kinda Day!

Happy New Year!!
Here we go! 

Sounds easy enough...except, I'm sadly tempted to ask...
Which Junk Drawer?

Baha! ;)

Here's my "official" junk drawer. 
It's in my kitchen island...
Organize it?

This drawer is a catch-all spot for all the trinket junk that ends up on my kitchen counter.  I also store my box tops in here & some pens/paper & loose change & headbands & legos & protractors & cars & hand lotion & hand sanitizer & buttons & broken crayons & wine bottle stoppers & broken jewelry & mis-matching lost earrings &...

Ok, yeah...I guess I should clean it out.  ;)

Starting off with an empty BOX...these flaps were too long to tuck in, so I had to cut them off.  This is AWESOME, because I am going to use this cardboard for another organizing project soon!! Definitely meant to be! Happy Dance!

Here we go....
MUCH better!!
I'll have an empty baggie in there next week after we turn in our box tops at school. 
I'm going to take it back out & line my drawers with cork this next week as well.

I guess I'll be busy this morning with my other drawers (there are about six more that look just like the first one, ACK!!)...these two are next, the infamous "supply drawer" (tape, scissors, batteries, pens, pencils, etc) and the out of control "get ready for school drawer" (brush, hair doodles, water bottle for cow licks, etc).

meanwhile...Daddy P will be finishing up on this:

 & eventually, I am going to force myself to go upstairs & deal with this...(sob)...

(It will be SO worth it when I get it organized, but it's looking like a project for when my kids get back to school for me!)

Are you organizing today?  
I'm going to take a crack at a couple more drawers & head to the gym.


& This year I'm going to be including my prayer list on my blog. I hope that you might help me lift people up, the power of prayer is so amazing! 

This morning I wanted to include a prayer note...a friend of mine's husband was in a very serious car accident on Christmas night, he continues to be in critical condition after surgeries. His name is Brian Shaffer. He and Kendra have four small children. He is expected to recover, but is in a lot of pain. I'm praying for him and strength for Kendra as she helps him heal and cares for their children. 

Wishing you a #1 kinda day...

Happy 1/1/11!!


  1. Yay! You organized your first junk drawer! You could def. use some containerizing to help you out with the little things in there. WAY TO GO!!


  2. now thats what i call a junk drawer. mine looks the exact same. what did you do with the rest of the stuff in the drawer?

    awesome job and good luck organizing the rest

    i'll keep your friends family in my prayers

  3. Great job! Keep up the good work!

  4. Looking good! I made it through day 1 myself. Ready for Day 2!!!!!!

  5. It looks so great! And I had forgotten about Just a Girl's way to store ribbon. All of my spools are sitting in a Rubbermaid container like her before picture. Thanks for pointing out how to kill two birds with one stone! :-)

  6. You definitely eliminated a lot from your drawer. I got rid of a ton, but my drawers were not left nearly as empty as yours. I am a little jealous! ;) Way to go!

  7. We are hosting "Operation Organization" over at Sassy Sites this month too! I would love to have you come over and link up with us! We are also doing a giveaway to make your junk drawer EVEN cuter!!


  8. Wow! You go girl! We are organizing up a storm here too! How does Just a Girl organize her ribbon? I missed that post!

  9. It feels fabulous to have some clutter out of my way.

    Amanda, I called the kids down to claim what was left in the box then I put the rest either in the trash or in a baggie for treasure box treats for my teacher friend.

    Jodee, here's the link to Chris' ribbon:

    Marni, thanks for the invite! I'll have to check that out. :)


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