Monday, January 17, 2011

Craft Room Furniture Fun

(Challenge Visitors, scroll down past the furniture) :)

I found these GREAT cabinets on Craigslist this fall...

Already PAINTED in a bewitching shade of turquoise...

Both of these girls sold together for $150!!

I NEVER, EVER find great deals...

but these were definitely an awesome deal!

When we picked them up, it was really sweet...

the little old lady we got them from
made me go through a background check
before she let us drive off with them...
she actually had tears in her eyes
when I told her how beautiful they would be in my new craft room!

I'm glad she felt better,
I would be crying too to see these pretty ladies drive off...

So, please don't tell her I changed them up a little bit...
I think it would break her heart!

I love, LOVE that blue...but,this room is small
I decided that I really didn't want dueling pieces of turquoise in there...

plus, the smaller piece did not have the most fabulous paint job
It had brush strokes...
OH, I'm sorry...
brush strokes on painted furniture,
I can't handle it!

They send me into a Mommie Dearest, No Wire Hangers frenzy...
I cannot be creative with brush strokes present!
(yes, I am officially the fruitcake you thought I was) ;)

so, out went the little lady for a nice layer 
(or five, gosh that blue was hard to cover)
of my beloved Heirloom White

The nobs, I didn't they were out too.
(details on that later)

Anyway, I am all about distressed furniture...
I love this look, creates great character!
(plus, you are not crying when your 
precious child brutalizes its perfection...
which mine most certainly will)

Enter Mr. Sandpaper Block...

I just LIGHTLY sanded...
to take me down one layer (ok, five) to the original blue...
not all the way down to the wood underneath.

It almost appears to be faintly glazed with blue...
I am really tickled with the result.

(and why I didn't take more pictures of it out there, I'm sure I don't know...maybe because it was cold...brain was frozen...??)

The big girl...
I could sit & stare at her for hours!


But, just a little bit too perfect. ;)

Mr. Sandpaper Block took care of that for me.


and AFTER: it!

I lined the drawers with this adorable dotted contact paper that I found (at Kmart, I believe)...on a wild hair I tossed some up in the inside...
it's really cute stuff...

But I decided to take it out & use beadboard wallpaper instead...

I'm still not sure about fabrics & colors in that room, 
but I want to go with the inside like 
this cabinet or just nice ivory on the back.

Little girl made it upstairs safely last night...
the big girl is still down in the garage, she is heavy!!

Still LOTS to do before this room is done.

Here's a peek of it from last week...
looks a wee bit better, still very scary.

OH, mercy!!

I'm considering sending my entire family 
off on a vacation...
I've got to finish this
To Do list so that I can live my life in peace finally! ;)

I will keep you posted.
(& need to ask your opinion, so I'll be back to this topic soon)


Under the Bathroom Sink
Luckily, I've already taken care of this one...
back when I went crazy & tore out the master closet.
(and all the drawers in there too)
No pictures, just take my word for is done.

Checkity, check. :)

Yesterday I went a little crazy with the label maker...

tore out another cabinet or two
rewashed all my glasses & put them back up in nice, neat rows
(not my mugs up there, the glassware in another cabinet that I decided not to bore you with...but I was tickled to find my beloved Scarlett O'Hara mug!!)

reorganized my fridge
I really want about five more of those white baskets with handles...
but I loathe Walmart...please don't make me go back in there!!

tore out my entire decoration attic 
(should have taken pics, it was horrific)

packed up all my Christmas decorations downstairs, 
tore down two Christmas trees...

I am a woman possessed....
please make it stop!!! ;)


Sneaky Boy is up...
"You pix me a bow of ceweal?"

duty calls. :)

OH, and I've become a Pioneer Woman Cookbook Scholar...
(you have no idea how poor of a cook I really am)

(Hilarious) Details to follow. ;)

Have a Marvelous Monday!


  1. wow love the cabinets and the polkadot paoer.

    great job on all the organizing

  2. You did awesome and I LOVE those cabinets.

  3. Those are just gorgeous. And you labeled 'til you just couldn't label no more! Love it.

  4. Love, love, love the cabinet with the polka dots!!


  5. The Pioneer Woman ROCKS! :) I could drift back and forth between her site and yours daily and dream about what I should be doing in my kitchen!

  6. Those cabinets are amazing! I never find good deals either ;)

    I think I have cooked the PW cookbook (plus a bunch of stuff from her site) and never failed. Dh would be perfectly happy if I never cooked anything but her recipes. lol

  7. Your CL furniture looks amazing! It needed you to make it looks even better. Great job.

  8. I'm going to have to check out this Pioneer woman, you're not the only one posting about her.

    Love what you did with the CL furniture. I have an old bedroom set I think I'm going to try doing over, it can't look any worse than it did already.

  9. Those cabinets rock! What a steal too! I wish you could help me with my new treasure! I am hoping my hubby can fix it up!

  10. LOVE the cupboard you refinished! You have inspired me! I feel a sense of kinship when I see your craft/sewing room! It mirrors a close resemblance to my own. I too am thinking & working at making it a more workable space. I am looking for counter space in my room, possibly 2 or 3/2 drawer file cabinets I can repaint and stretch long pieces of wide pine boards across the top for work area. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing your gifts.


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