Monday, January 3, 2011

The Dreaded DESK - Challenge #2

It was as if Toni read my mind...

The mess in this office had about driven me over the edge!

The holidays...
moving the sewing stuff out...
kids in here using the computer...
Daddy P doing the mud room/hall project...

this area had become a total dumping ground!

YUCK, what a mess!!
I got everything off first...
my poor box wasn't BIG ENOUGH for all of it!!

Cleaned & dusted everything...

MUCH better!

I even got my top shelves organized & labeled today too!
I found these cute chalkboard baskets at Lowe's last weekend, they are PERFECT for my shelves...I love them! 
I am planning to move all my books upstairs soon (this is just a pinch of them...Wicked is one I've tired to read a few times & just didn't feel the love)...I'm plotting a sitting/reading area upstairs...
of course, that's a post for another day...back to today's challenge. ;)

Now, I need to get brave & clean out the 
drawers & cabinets on the bottom. :(
(I dread!!)

Gasp!!...and WAIT...
Daddy P!!!
WHERE is the MAIL!?!?

Oh my's right there!!!
I set him up a mail spot the last time this room had a makeover...

it just got out of control!!

Maybe this new spot will work for him. :)

and I have a recipe to share, but I am out of time to to get to the gym for my kickboxing class.

I'll be back to share about some yummy Veggie Pizza tomorrow.

Jump over to Toni's site and join the many good organizing ideas gong on over there...I'm really enjoying having DIRECTION & taking care of business!!

Happy Organizing!


  1. Great job Mandy! Your space looks awesome! I love your use of color & the cute Lowe's baskets!

  2. You have a beautiful workspace!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love, love, love your built in computer space! I would kill to have this desk area!

    Our mail is completely out of control too! Chef Daddy wants to shred everything and it never happens! Grrrrrr!

    P.S. My neighbor gave me the most fabulous piece of furniture tonight. I wish you could help me with it! I wouldn't even know where to start!

  4. Thank you, friends :)
    I'm loving Toni's challenges!

    Jodee, how exciting!! Do share!
    I would love to take a crack at it! :)


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