Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just What the Dr Ordered

As I tore out my Spice Cabinet on Friday, 
I found myself trying to guess what 
Toni's next Challenge assignment might be...

and then I remembered that this is just a 21 Day challenge!!!!

Total wave of PANIC!!!
Oh, my gosh!!
Toni, don't leave me!!
I need you!!

Yesterday, in between Miss O's basketball game, Big O's school Homecoming festivities, lunching with my hungry family, then grocery shopping with all of them (can you say, shopping with a lone 4 year old is less stressful), laundry, cooking for & visiting with beloved out of town family...

I reorganized my Medicine "Cabinet".

(wow, that makes me sound like some superwoman...
could not be further from the actual truth if you tried! LOL)

I had hatched a plan of attack for my medicine back when 
Chris shared her nice little organized medicine baskets...
I can't find a link to it, but I know I was inspired by her blog.

(and since I mentioned her, this is my inspiration for my sewing room...
mercy, is that not craft heaven!?!

anyway, I had my medicine business separated...
one side for adults, one side for kids

no labels....

just chaos & classic crap...

I was so sick of looking at that every time 
I fetched something for my trio of hypochondriacs! 

I had these cute skinny bins already...

Miss O was QUICK to say "hey, those are mine"!! 

(Really!?! Why were they EMPTY if they were so crucial to 
the organizing process up there in your room!????


they were just what the doctor ordered!

Medicine Cabinet feeling
Much, much better! :)

I'll be continuing my organizing this week, 
but today my main focus is getting my  
finished & moved upstairs! 

That mess is NEVER going to get done until I have my storage in place
(I mean, I aspire to unpack it...
but where am I putting it??)

and I am nearly convulsing from craft withdrawal!!
It's a horrible, stressful feeling!! :(

and Valentine's day is coming up...
Oh, they pretty lace doilies & shades of red & pink!!!

Hand me the sandpaper pad, 
I'm going out to the garage right now!!

Wishing y'all a beautiful Sunday!!


  1. Amazing transformation!! Do you remember where you got those bins, they are cute! :)

  2. Whooo hooo! Love your skinny bins. I just organized my medicine cabinet recently too! One more thing crossed off my "things to organize" list. Now I need to move to the linen closet. Yuck!

  3. Contain and containerize! I'm all about that too. Bummed we moved right when these challenges started, I'm kinda doing them but still unpacking too.

    Will you share abouty how you're doing the furniture? I have a fugly old 70's oak bedroom set that I was going to craiglist.... but now I'm thinking maybe a few coats of white paint and some sand paper and it might be something I still want. The chest of drawers was going to go into my craft room to hold fabric and notions, but it would look so much better if it was a finished differently. Do you strip the varnish off, or just sand and prime?

  4. Those bins are really neat. Great job!


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