Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Little Hall Project

So, we've had this little project going here...

turning our hall into a full blown "mud room" area.

Of course I don't have a BEFORE picture to share...
this is the best I could dig up:

(notice how I have strategically cropped out my messy hall tree)

It really looked a lot like this picture below, 
(just not as nice or neat) ;)

I liked it fine, but it just wasn't enough storage for our busy family.

Once I got Daddy P on board, 
I started a folder & collected pictures & ideas...

Here are a few that inspired me:

We decided the way to get the most drama for the dollar would be to apply bead board & trim along the long wall...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bead board!!

(this this not TDF, I love it)

Daddy P finally got a couple of days off during Christmas & started on it.

Yesterday I finally got it completely painted!!

(notice the mess back there on the stairs...
I have been drowning in COATS!!)

(notice that nice, strong son unloading the truck...
boy, do I love that kid...
my back also loves that kid) ;) 

Over the past couple of months I've been hunting for an OLD, weathered bench to put in there...something cool, with some character...
Something like these awesome benches:

I had finally decided to get one I found on Craigslist...
she was asking $400 for it (which I thought was too much, but I really, really wanted this bench).  Yesterday before it was time to go pick it up, I had an hour to kill & decided to comb a few local antique shops...
I found lots of treasures...
even a fun bench or two (but they were too expensive).

I was about to head home when I rounded the corner & saw her...
waaaaaayyyyyy back in the back...
all alone, with a bunch of boxes on her.

Perfect length.
Perfect condition 
(OLD, beat up & weathered)

Ah...and only $179!



I'm still working on it...
will share it all when we're done.


Did you do today's Challenge?

I'm working on it, I need to buy an organizer thingy.
Right now, this seems to be working ok:

Luckily, I went crazy over the weekend & 
took care of yesterday's challenge...

I'm trying to guess what the remaining challenge topics will be...

(please don't say garage, please don't say garage)


The snow is coming down hard here....
my three kids must be upstairs doing the Snowkey-Pokey! 

Maybe we'll get another snow day tomorrow,
I LOVE snow days home in our jammies!

Hope y'all are staying warm on Thursday!


  1. Love the look thus far! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    We are getting hit tomorrow or tonight I should say with more snow. I am looking forward to a day stuck at home!

  2. Oh my goodness...I LOVE the beat up old bench. I'm with you, I love things with character.

    Are the kiddos out today? Mine have to go back. :)

  3. Thanks, Colleen :)
    We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow & again Mon/ it!!!

    Sharae, mine are out today...did you guys not get that much? (I ordered that light fixture yesterday, I can't wait to get that thing in there!! Thanks for sharing!)

  4. Love your hallway -- how DID you do that? Very very cool!


  5. Congrats on the bench! I have one VERY similar that sits at my kitchen table. I love the progress on the hallway, cannot wait to see the finished project.


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