Thursday, January 13, 2011

On My Nightstand (& Nook)

I love to read...


I think that's one of the reasons I love blogs so much,
they are FREE reading material for me & I love that!

Daddy P bought me an iPad for Christmas 
& since I'm a big Barnes & Noble shopper, 
I uploaded their NOOK app onto it...

& the insanity just took off from there!

I've probably read 15 books since he gave it to me
(which I might add was in early November...
him: "here, this is your Christmas present from me"...
me: "Um, ok?")
I guess he was really excited to get me something I would love...
that's just how he rolls. ;)

So anyway, I wanted to share a few books I've read recently 
(before I bundle my children up like Ralphie's brother & take them to school).

If you like Tori Spelling & you're a busy mommy, you will LOVE this hilarious book!

The movie is good, but the book is SOOOO much better...having Zac Efron in your head while reading doesn't hurt either. ;)

STOP what you're doing & go buy this cook for you, one for your best friend, it's AWESOME!

I'm not going Vegan, but this book is SO's not a "diet book". If you get a chance, read won't be sorry.

I feel like I know Ali, I've watched Days for YEARS. This book focuses on PREGNANCY, but the "after baby" chapters  are a MUST read for ANY mom who isn't doing the best job taking care of themselves.

So, there ya go...
my little reading stack right now.
What are you reading?
I would love to hear some new book suggestions from you guys! :)

I'm taking my kids to school & then heading out for more BINS...
the organizing insanity continues! ;)

Today, I will be working on Challenge #11...
but, I plan to clean out my FRIDGE as well as my FREEZER 
(ew, so nasty!)...

Hope you stay Thawed Out on Thursday! ;)

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  1. Still stuck here. Our plow guy couldn't get up our steep driveway!!

    I'm a Days watcher too. watched it when I had maternity leave with Emily and then started to DVR it thereafter! I didn't realize she had this book. May have to check it out!

    Good luck outside. We just went out and lasted 5 minutes.


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