Monday, January 24, 2011

Talk to the...Can?

Is it Monday evening ALREADY!??

Wow, time flies when you're a busy beaver!

This weekend Daddy P & I finished up the HALL PROJECT...

It's looking fab!
I'm very excited about it!!
I've just got to put my pictures back up
(this is so hard for wall arrangements look like the Three Stooges put them together usually).  As soon as I get that done & my floor mopped, I'll snap some shots & share. For now, this quick phone shot of my handsome Daddy P will just have to do. ;)

I'm tickled with it!

and so yesterday with the hall project done...
we were off to Home Depot again gathering supplies for a little peg board project in the craft room...remember this divine crafting space??

I love that space, it really got me inspired!


I don't have any, really.
They are all on disk or on my computer.
What I do have is put up in file boxes already.
I guess I should pat my back for that one.

So, instead I worked on organizing this...
oh, my...

I'm definitely going to be adding fabric cuts to my Etsy shop.
I just have too much goodness, 
I need to share!

(& Angel, I just remembered I didn't get back with you about that KNIT!)
((I'm on it right now))


On Friday while we were home for snow

the inside dogs started barking & going crazy!

I looked to see BLUE 
(yes, we have a yellow dog named Blue)

going crazy barking at...

a can.

It went on for a full five minutes!
 I laughed & laughed at him!

However, Little Patti was not amused...LOL

Those crazy dogs!


I just made this.


I am SO GLAD Daddy P was late getting home for dinner, 
because it gave me a chance to eat some before he got to...

so I was safely able to WARN HIM that he would 
MOST DEFINITELY want to propose to me
at least 10 times after he ate it! ;)

I love that Pioneer Woman!


Well, I'm popping up here to get this stinky little boy in the tub...
how do boys get so dirty even when it is too cold to play outside?!?

That's a mystery to me!

& Big O told me this afternoon that his 
7th grade science teacher told them to ask their parents 
"WHEN does life begin?"

Because this week they will be learning about reproduction.


Oh, boy.

Happy Monday, y'all!  ;)


  1. O.M.G....let me know how you answered the reproduction question. I dread the day when I have to explain it. On another note, I am LOVIN' the new project!!!! Can't wait to see final pics!

  2. Love the dog pictures. I just laughed out loud!

    and, I love Pioneer Woman even more. Kacey gave me her cookbook last Christmas and I have used it more than any cookbook that I have ever owned. Today I saw her Super Bowl sandwiches which are a jazzed up version of the steak sandwiches in the cookbook. So going to make those...soon!


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