Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

Good Morning, Tuesday!

You look terrific...

I feel terrific (thanks to Tamiflu)...

How about a Terrific Project?
I recently saw these DOG FOOD canisters in the Ballard Catalog...

Oh, I love Ballard!
Their customer service & shipping has not always been the finest that I have ever received, but everything I have ever bought from them has been placed on my list of my beloved home possessions...

I LOVE Ballard!

Well, since our large bag of dog food just sits right inside my pantry door...
and the CAT (who refuses to eat cat food) keeps getting into it...

so my floor usually looks like THIS...


(let the record show that this particular mess was made by the 4 year old, not the cat)

I decided I needed to hatch a plan in there...

but I just could not spend $54 on a CAN for my dog food!

So, while I was in Home Depot recently I found this awesome 
metal garbage can with a lid...just $15!

looked on Etsy & found someone to do some cute vinyl lettering for me...
(already had the metal scoop)

and for $23 I have a super cute Dog Food Canister for my pantry!
I'm tickled, it turned out pretty terrific! :)

So, what about you guys?

Anything terrific happening at your house?

Share your links below, 
can't wait to see what you guys have been up to!

(please forgive the BASIC form this time, Mr. McLinky is on tamiflu too I think)

(and forgive the CLOSED linky from last time, I posted that first on accident...
but it's fun to go back & look at those too)  :)

Hope you guys have a TERRIFIC day!


  1. love this! (and I love Ballard's too!

  2. Do you own a Cricut? I use mine to do vinyl lettering like that on your dog food canister. :)

  3. That turned out sooo cute! The next time you need black vinyl, please holler. I bought a roll and my friend can easily whip something up with her Cricut machine!


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