Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness!

Monogram Madness, that is! ;)

I've been using up my self adhesive P's from Joann's...

I love these things!!

I've had this pillow for a few years.
It's cute...a faint blue/tan houndstooth.


but it was really boring...

in walks the chocolate P...

& spiced it's life right up!

That baby has gone from banished....

to front room show piece
(so, don't touch it!)  ;)

I also did a little print using a black P...

I'm going to use it in my little half bath once I get that room painted.
(& is this rabbit not precious!!! I found him at Homegoods last week, $7.99)

These are so easy to do!

I used items I already had on hand...
I love these things!!

We're looking at some beautiful weather today,
AWESOME weather for Spring Break!!
There are going to be some DIRTY kids at my house tonight! ;)

Wishing y'all a FABULOUS, Sunny Monday!!


  1. I still haven't got my butt to Joann's but I so want to try this. Your pillows look great!
    Have a good Monday Mandy!

  2. Looked at my Joanns and they didn't have any! Yours are adorable! Have a fun spring break!



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