Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Night Fever

We're having a family movie night...

watching Bambi...

I'm multi-tasking...

cannot sit still this evening for some reason.

It's been such a crazy week...

have had somewhere to be

or someone to be doing something for...

it's left me overwhelmed & anxious feeling...

like, I'm not done...don't rest, you've got more to do!!!

Plus, something is blooming...
my nose has been running for three days!!

I miss my gym buddies
(you can't go workout when you're a snotface)...

I'm whining.

But I felt better when I checked facebook this evening
& saw my little rock star...

what a ham!

oh, this stinker!

I just had to share...
he's totally Mr Saturday Night Fever there.

This upcoming week is going to be just as crazy as the last!
I'm helping with a little baby shower next weekend
& the mommy to be wanted to do a little girls table
for the big sister (who is Sneaky E's age).

I think we're going to go with disposable camera & 
let the little girls be shower photographers.
Then put them in an album.

But I was hoping to find a little craft...make bracelets?
Something extra for them to do...there will be 4-6 
little girls there (ages 4-6).
Any ideas or suggestions?

I'm heading back to the couch...
Bambi & Sneaky E are calling me. :)

Happy Saturday night!


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