Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Adventure!

We're back from our Spring Break Adventure!

I think I forgot to mention that we were even going on one...
I think because my INTERNET service took a vacation right before we left.

Very aggravating!
We have a ton of things going on for the next few days...
family in town for a visit...
softball, baseball, swim league, SOCCER starts...

Mercy, I need another vacation!!
We took the kids to the beach last week,
I had to get my Charleston fix! ;)
On the way, we stayed overnight at The Biltmore Inn

and toured the grounds after breakfast 
before heading on to the beach...

I wish I had known how excited the kids would be about this place, 
we would have stayed the whole day & toured the house too!

We're already planning a long weekend to go back with them & do a few things...they were completely under the spell!!

Miss O had to take pictures of EVERYTHING on her little ipod! ;)

and of course, I feel the need to share the 
out of the entire vacation...
proof that mom was there!!
Do you pop up in any of the vacation pics? 
I need to do better about that, 
these kids will have no memory of me 
being young once they grow up!

and while we were off having an adventure
someone became an official teenager!

How dare him!

I am now old enough to be the mother of a teenager!?

That can't be right, 
I've got a zit on my own chin this morning!!
Well, I need to pop up here...
I have a list of things to get done before we head over to 
Grandma's to see Aunt Kim & Prince William 
(who is WALKING at 10 months...TOTAL stinker!!)...

This afternoon is Miss O's very first PONY lesson...
for five weeks she will learn how to care for & ride...
I'm more excited than she is!!!

Remember that baby shower I mentioned...
I have lots of pictures to share!

I'll be back to share MORE monogrammed madness...
I am LOVING these adhesive monogram things!

AND I think I've got it all together now...
Sneaky E has decided he wants a MARIO birthday!

Primary reds, blues & yellows...

Yes, ma'am...
I think I can deliver! ;)
Back to share later...
wishing you a BEAUTIFUL Spring Sunday!!

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  1. Glad you are back been missing your crafty ideas that you post. Looks like you had a great time and no this mama rarely ever gets photographed either cause I'm always the one behind the camera.


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