Saturday, April 16, 2011

Board & Batten...Homework

Well, I'm on the verge of sharing 
my first board & batten project...

I thought I would recognize some of the awesome 
bloggers out in blog-land who helped me get it done!
Mine is NO WHERE close to being as nice as theirs, 
but their step by step instructions 
sure did make a difference in my final product
(& I thank them from the bottom of my heart!!). :)
I think it all started with this blog post...

Need I say more? ;)

Then I saw this one at...


Then I fell for this dining room...
& Hooray for Centsational Girl!

and then I found Melissa's!

They were all awesome...

She has the same texture on her walls that we have.

I hate...
& it's just plain ugly to even admit it...
but...I mean, I HATE this texture on our walls.

I hate that I know how expensive it was to have it done, 
almost as much as I just plain hate to look at it...

(sorry, rant...will stop now...deep breath...)

but when I saw how good it looked on hers, 
I thought maybe, just MAYBE I could pull it off on mine!

But where!?!?

Walls every which a way...

Which one?

& Could I pull it off without Daddy P killing me!?!?

When I saw this one...
the light bulb clicked on!!
I knew I HAD to try this project in my little bathroom!!


and then I found Decorchick!!

She showed me 
step by step, 
by step, 
by step...

you get it...

she held my hand 
& now I've got my own 

Board & Batten baby to share! :)

Thank you, fellow board & batten bloggers...
you guys are the best!!

Be back with before & after pics soon!


  1. Can't wait to see how it comes out!!

  2. I love the board and batten look!!! Can't wait to see the reveal :)

  3. Wow! What fabulous inspiration you found! I can't wait to see yours!


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