Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Little Bathroom

It's just amazing how you can get such a HUGE change 
in a room by using a simple can of paint!

This weekend, I finally got my little half bath fixed up...
meanwhile the rest of my house looks like a tornado blew through...

Before, it was the dark little green bathroom.
(& I do mean little...
it's near impossible to get a full picture from out in the hall)

I love green...

my friend, Sharae has green throughout her house & 
it is just a beautiful color!

Daddy P hates green.

End of convo.

I got to have a little green bathroom & 
a green laundry room when we built this house...
I guess I'm lucky considering how bad he hates green. ;)

But it was really dark in there...

no window,
no natural light...

just green, textured walls, dark accents
& dark hardwood floor.

And then I got hit by Board & Batten Fever!

Sorry, I just love this picture...ha!

Where was I?
OH, yeah...

The fever...

and now...

it's the happy bathroom!  :)

and I can hardly believe it's the same room!!

I swapped out the little rug ($12.99 at Homegoods),
and I purchased a new toilet paper holder 
($14.99, also from Homegoods).

Everything else was already in there or I already had....

Except the sand dollar burlap art...
I'm gong to show you how to make one tomorrow,
that would be thoughtful, no?  :)

and one more look...

before...the green dungeon

& after...happy, happy, happy! :)


I'm heading out to pick up my son &
take him for a haircut...

He texted me mid-morning to tell me
he had to get it cut TODAY,
his principal said....

I love private school & their rules!!

Buhhhh-bye, Justin Beaver Hair!!


Happy Monday, Indeed!


  1. LOVE the makeover-it looks amazing!!

  2. That turned out soooo cute! It looks so light and airy in there. The blue walls are especially soothing! Your makeover makes me want to paint our green bathroom sooner, than later!

    Cracking up about the haircut! That is a hoot!

  3. L-O-V-E!
    I think you'll enjoy the fact that I have an aqua blue powder room with a fun PBK chandelier... and we call it "The Happy Potty".
    And I have the same hand towel over the sink issue in there (shorties)!
    Now I'm inspired to put up a lower hook...

  4. I think it looks great!! I am cracking up about the principal! Strict!


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