Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mario's Birthday Party

Early last month, 

Sneaky E fell under the spell of Mario.

So much so, that he told us that he was changing his name...

"My name is Mario Eban", he said. 

Naturally, Mario seemed like the perfect theme for this 
fifth birthday (yes, fifth...I still can't believe it myself).

I had a really hard time finding ideas for this party...
especially since I have NO IDEA what Mario is about,
other than the classic, annoying music that plays when it's on!

My sweet blogging friend, Maria emailed me some pictures from their recent Mario party...can we just say that Maria is a Super Mommy! ;)

Look at these AWESOME hats she made:

AND these cupcakes!!!

I bow!!

I am so not worthy!! ;)

Thanks for sharing your ideas with me, Maria...
you are a total sweetheart!!

I also searched the internet & 
and it is super indeed!  Great job, Rachel!

Well, being the lame-o that I am lately...
I took the copycat route! ;)

Since I did not designate a photographer for the party, 
my photo selections are pretty slim for sharing.
At one point, I handed my old Rebel to Big O...
I ended up with a few pictures....

I supposed those are better than nothing at all. ;)
Thanks, son!
It was gloriously sunny & warm, 
but that wind was whipping us all over the yard!

I thought we would have to tie kids 
to the fence while we did the pinata game!!

Luckily, I thought to get a few shots before the party started.
I wanted to give a shout out to some of the peeps that helped me make this 5th birthday party a successful one for my sweet little guy!

My sister came out & helped me set everything up, 
it was her idea to put it all out in the pool house...
"keep the mess contained"
I'm sure I have no idea why I never thought of that myself! ;)

Thanks, Aunt Kim!
You're a party rock star!!

The balloons...
oh, the balloons...
E loved this part of the party the most!

Here's the entry...
the larger than life size Mario stand up in the window,
I used black foam and cut out large mustaches so that we could play 

"Pin the Mustache on Mario"

(I have no pictures of this game, of course...argh!!)

My tables...gasp...look exactly like Rachel's!!

 I told you I went the copycat route!! ;)

Poster courtesy of Big hung in his room for years!

I ordered several things from Etsy for the party...

I was exclusively lame
& bought plain, white cupcakes with primary sprinkles 
from Publix...then added these awesome 

Mario Cupcake Toppers

that I bought from Cutie Pie Decor on Etsy.

For my goodie bags
(which I also have no photos of...*sniffle*)
I used primary dotty bags from Target, folded the top down & punched two holes, then tied these cute gift tags to the front.

These were adorable by MM Kids on Etsy.  

I filled the goodie bags with chocolate, bubbles, tattoos,
and these exclusively DIVINE custom cookies...

I had a nibble,
they were DIVINE! 

I had a set of individually wrapped cookies done for the bags & then I also had a dozen smaller cookies done for a tray on the food table...I paired them with a box of primary sprinkled sugar cookies from Publix...they were adorable!

Exclusively divine cookies came from Batches on Etsy,
also known as The Cookie Jar featured in Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Magazine...the pink ladybug birthday...Go, Lisa!!

All in all, 
I think it was a pretty fun party...

(even little Shadow needed a nap before it was over, ha!)

thanks for stopping by today,

Happy Saturday!


  1. I love it!! Everything was so cute. I have bought a few labels now from etsy. I just think it adds to the cute little look of kids' parties.

    And your little guy is so precious with those dimples!

  2. Wow! What a fabulous party! You did a great job!

  3. I LOVE it!!! I'm having a super mario party for my son's 3rd birthday & I truly appreciate all the fabulous ideas that you have shared. I had already ordered the party supplies from but was looking for more & I love the cupcakes & red visors. Can you tell me where you go the stars on the tops of the cupcakes & also where you purchased the red visors? I would very much appreciate it!
    I am hooked on you blog now, too! I stumbled upon in it while searching out party ideas & I will definitely be stopping back for more decor ideas!

  4. This is awesome! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. When I was little, this would have been my dream birthday party. I am currently with one of the best event planners in the city and we’re going through some LA event venues at the moment.


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